SOLD: SR Black Fuse (new)

SOLD: I have an extra new, never used SR Black fuse in box that I was going to put in my second DSD, but somehow forgot and is no longer needed. It’s rated at 1.25A (slow-blow, 5x20mm), the “private” recommendation with the Blacks being to use the next higher rated fuse because they are not as tightly voltage controlled as the others and there were some blown fuses early on. I’ve had no problem with the 1.25A in my other DSD (1A slot) or two other higher amperage than spec’d Blacks in powered speakers.

They go for $119.95 new and I’m asking $89 shipped in U.S. + $3 PayPal, or use the gift method (see my moniker on a number of audio classified sites for feedback). PM me in interested.