Sold: Technics SL-1210GR Turntable with Zu Audio DL-103 Grade 1 Cartridge

For sale is a 18-month-old Technics SL-1210GR turntable. I bought in in April of 2019 as a second turntable, and it has seen very little use (less than 100 hours). Cosmetically and functionally it is in near-perfect condition. It’s a great 'table and extremely popular. You can find lots of information on the web, but briefly: This is one of the new line of Technics direct-drive turntables. While it looks like the SL1200s of yore, it is an entirely new design under the hood. (The only difference between the 1210 and the SL-1200GR is the color - this one is black.)

I’m also selling a Zu Audio DL-103 cartridge, with less than 100 hours of playing time. I also bought this in 2019, and it was mounted by Sean Casey of Zu Audio (he lives near me). This cart has a very active and enthusiastic following. I’d rather sell both the table and cart as a bundle since the cart is custom-mounted on the headshell.

All accessories, original packaging, dust cover, etc., are included, except for the turntable manual, which I will e-mail as a pdf (see notes below).

A couple of notes on the 'table:

  • I bought the SL-1210GR from a UK seller. It has dual voltage with automatic switching so US voltage is not an issue at all. I’m using it with the original UK power cord and a US plug adaptor, but I’ll also include a US power cord (the connection at the table is the same).
  • The tonearm lift is a little sticky - came that way from the factory. This is a well-documented element of the GR series; Technics indicates that it smooths out over time, but I haven’t used this 'table enough to notice anything. Again., it’s a non-issue - but I’m listing it here in the spirit of full disclosure.
  • The 'table came to me without a manual - someone at Technics didn’t include it. So, I downloaded the manual as a pdf, which I will e-mail to you.

I’ll sell the table and cart bundle for $1450, including Paypal fees and free shipping in the continental US. If you want just the table, The price is $1250. Just the cartridge, the price is $300. Both of these prices are below the Audiogon average for these products. Continental US shipping only.

Thanks - PM me with questions, etc.