SOLD Telefunken PCC88/7DJ8 from 1968 with Bundeswehr Falcon Logo

Two pairs (used) of TFK 7DJ8/PCC88 from 1968 with Bundeswehr Falcon Logo.

Original specifications:

  1. 12500/11750 and 12250/11750 SOLD
  2. 12000/12000 and 12000/12000 SOLD
  3. 12000/12000 and 12000/12000 Sold


$100 per pair shipping via USPS included.

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Hello, is those with the diamond at the bottom ?

Thank you

Yes, these are genuine TFK with the diamond molded into the bottom.

How many hrs on them? It looks promising!

Guesstimate would be approx 150 hours.

I am interested in a pair, it does look like tubemonger box label.

Good eye. :slight_smile: They are indeed from Tubemonger.

One pair is spoken for and I’m waiting for that transaction to finalize. The other pair (12500/11750 and 12250/11750) is available. If you wish, you may send $108 (that includes USPS Priority Mail shipping) to me at my PayPal address:

If funds are received this weekend then I’ll e-mail the shipping confirmation and tracking number to you Monday morning when I get back from the post office.


Thank you very much. Since I was planning to use it on the BHK Preamp, my interest was more towards the balanced pair 12000/12000.

Okay, no problem. Should the purchase of the other pair fall through for whatever reason then I’ll let you know.

Sounds great, keep me posted

Always a pair available?

No, all of the ones in this listing have been sold.