SOLD Thank You

SOLD Thank You


Time to down size to a background type system (ie Sprout w/bookshelves). I have the following equipment lightly used for your consideration. Shooting for buyers within traveling distance , hence the title. This may not go well but I’ll try here first and see. This equipment is pretty popular so a fair value is easy enough to mutually determine. If you have a question or offer please let me know. All is like new (8.5-9 of 10) condition. I have boxes for everything. (Speakers have boxes but no packing-FYI.) If interested PM me and we can chat I can send pics, etc. I’ll list in priority of sale as I want to try and be able to demo if someone requests that.


Wilson Sabrina-Obsidean Black

PSA BHK 250-Black (Mfg in Jan I believe)

PSA DirectStream Jr- Black

ARC LS-26 (new tubes) - Black


Thank You…



Prices? Ages? How used?

Might I suggest a glance at Ascend Acoustics CBM-170SE speakers. Ugly squatty 2-way passive monitors, but have loved the originals for 15 years. Well suited for audio or HT, dynamic, intensely musical, superb imaging, about $300/pair (they run sales), value goes into the guts not the finish. Note that I’ve not heard the SE version.

An even better deal are JBL 305 Mk2 ($300/pair, active 2-way monitors, Mk2 much improved over the originals having heard both). On first listen to the Mk2s fresh out of the factory box, wondered if I’d made a mistake having just bought JBL 708Ps ($4000 MSRP), their big brothers.

Thank you for the recommendations. I have not thought much about “next” at this point I will look those up. JBL was my goto many years agao.

Prices- As I mentioned, it will depend on what you are after and if more than one piece. This can be discussed 1:1. There are no secrets here ref. retail and/or what these go for on open market. Just looking for something fair vs say a “TMR” price.
Ages- A year or less. Oldest is probably the DAC It could be 12-18 months?
How used- In a 2-channel system. No HT. 2-3x a week. 100% digital (mostly Jazz and some rock.)
Hope that helps?