SOLD to myself P10 silver 230V (after replacing firmware 38 back to 32)


Hi I sell my P10 it’s from 09-2013 and still as new incl original packaging.

I’m selling because my equipment work better with AC12 powercords than with the P10.

The combination of these cords with the P10 is probably overkill for my equipment.

I’m located in the Netherlands

Asking 4200€ new is 6400€


Now that is funny. I have two running in my office now and just bought a few ps audio cords

From us dealers. I cannot wait to give them a good listen.



Hi Al,

Do you have the 230V P10’s?

I’m curious how you like the PS audio powercords with these and without.

Both are great products!

Have a nice weekend!



No I Am in ny 125 volt land. I just spent a few bucks on a bunch of cords. Only one has been delivered so far . I will listen to it over the weekend. With and with a p10 or 5. My plan for now is use it with the power units . But I do get your point why both. The truth is it’s the first time in my life I have every used a hi end cord.



Maybe my price is still a little high for the second hand market. So I make the price 4000€.

You can consider this P10 as a new one.

The P10 can be shipped in Europe!


Hi Wijnand I’m in South Africa, and already have a P10 (plus AC12’s throughout) so I am sorted. However, I’m very curious as to your remark that “the two together are probably an overkill”.

Because: The two items does different things. The AC12 probably improves sound due to its shielding, while the P10 regenerates the power (something the AC12 obviously can’t do).

Also, I think the general consensus would be that the P10 with much cheaper (but still shielded) cables should sound better than AC12’s without P10.



Well first I’m curious if you have a 115 or 230V P10.

What I mean with overkill is. I suspect the P10 to have a certain output capacity. A powercord also have a capacity which influences the sound of the connected equipment. I’m not sure if the grade of influence for 115V and 230V equipment is the same.

So maybe when a 115V P10 works perfect with AC12 powercords at 115V equipment.

Then this could be overkill for a 230V P10 feeding 230V equipment through AC12’s.

In my case I use 2 meter AC12 powercords which work (without the P10) far better than the other Brands’ powercords I have.

When I use the P10 than the AC12’s are the worst powercords I have.

So when I use the P10, a thinner powercord works better on my equipment and especially on the poweramp.

This thinner cords are also shorter.

So with the combination of the P10 and the thinner powercords I have solid bass, rest and perfect placing.

Without the P10, but with the AC12’s and some parallel filters I have solid base and more organic music, but less clean, less rest and a bit less good placement.

So it is a matter of taste and this taste probably can be different from day to day. :slight_smile:


wijnand this is really interesting and surprising

what is the proximity of the P10 to your equipment are they located near the source player or some distance away?

recently I added a power base before my 230 volt P-5 which has had a tremendous influence for the better. The bass is noticeably improved but as well as mid and highs.

Do you have a power base in your music system?

is it to early to let go the P-10



Well this was my setup except the speakers.

Maybe this was not the best spot for the P10, at the moment i have placed the P10 right under the PWD.

I made room for it and It does sound different. I feed the pre-amp and the PWD with the P10 and believe it or not, but I’m using an AC12 to feed the pre-amp and it does sound good. :-?

I use three dedicated powerlines. One is straight into the P10 with a furutech connector. The second is for the poweramp (AC12 from the wall) and the third (oyaide from the wall)is for the computer.

Yes maybe it is to early to let the P10 go!

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I tried that kind of setup. And it’s better to for me to plug the amps into the P10. I use multi wave.

I have two P10,s. One does All four amps the amps and the front end. And the other CPU and Anything else.

The second one dose the plasma and the direct tv. I did try other configurations , nothing gets better or worse really but the P10 ,s make a big improvement. Now I just bought a whole bunch ps audio power cords

AC/12/10/5 ,s . I have not tried them as yet.



@wijnand just for a test can you relocate the P 10 further away from your source equipment. See if there is any change in sound.

PS audio do an awesome job with the enclosures, though I don’t know if there are any concerns around proximity from a P 10 and the source components.

If you have an option to be able to audition powerbase I would certainly recommend doing so. I’m not kidding the impact the powerbase made in my system was astonishing. It certainly was a keeper for me and I think allowed to P5 to operate as intended by PS audio.

I did find my system improved with the addition of the P5. All I am saying, it further improved with the addition of the powerbase to the P5 a year later. The bass was more present I heard it clearer tighter and had more impact, previously I felt my system could do better in the bass region. Not knowing the powerbase would give me that, and is why I am such a supporter of the powerbase.

I was always a little sceptical whether powerbase would give me benefits as on the P5 the THD is at a measly 1.6 though after the P5 it is .1 so I think my line is in pretty good shape with very little distortion. My powerline is dedicated too. The noise harvesters which I have barely flicker and only do so on occasion.

Hope you don’t mind me suggesting, give a powerbase ago if you have the option to do so, see if this makes the P 10 shine as it should.



I tried that kind of setup. And it's better to for me to plug the amps into the P10. I use multi wave.

I have two P10,s. One does All four amps the amps and the front end. And the other CPU and Anything else.
The second one dose the plasma and the direct tv. I did try other configurations , nothing gets better or worse really but the P10 ,s make a big improvement. Now I just bought a whole bunch ps audio power cords
AC/12/10/5 ,s . I have not tried them as yet.
I'm still not sure if there's a difference between the 115V and 230V P10 in relation to powercords.

The P10 has a very low output impedance, but a 230V powernet will be closer to that impedance than a 115V powernet. So that could explane why my poweramp is better off with the powernet for low frequencies than with the P10. The P10 is cleaner off course.

For what concerns multiwave I can't detect any difference between sinewave and multiwave not even in multiwave 6. Not on the poweramp, pre-amp, PWD, headphone amp etc. Still I use multiwave 6 just in case.

Please, let me know what you think about the powercords you ordered! :)


I will post , they are all in boxes as yet . Over the weekend for sure.




I have done a test with the P10 beside the audiorack. I only listened for a few moments, but nothing big unfortunately.

Thanks for the suggestion to test the powerbase. I will see if I can lay my hands on it somewhere!


Thee is a 110 volt one with a ps aduio power cord on eBay . But what is the purpose for using it. ?



The idea is to see if a powebase can help to increase the performers of the P10.

I need a 230V one, but I quess I only need the powerbase for the plateau.


Today I did some listening with the P10 feeding the pre-amp and the PWD.

Still there’s a big powerdrop in low fequencies in comparison with feeding straight from the wall.

Maybe an older P10 firmware can bring some improvement. Like I wrote the multiwave is not noticecable.

I have 8,5cm space above the P10 so a powerbase suit fit.

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Can someone explain what the pwer base is for . It’s purpose ?



I could try, but you probable better look at PS audio products.

It is an isolation module!


Ok sorry I read about it. But here is my question and Paul please way in. I asked about isolation when using the P10/5 . Given there is 5 or4 zones. Now the answer I received was its fine as the output impedance of a power plant is much lower than a normal Ac wall outlet. So it will not allow noise to go back to the line outlets on the P10/5. Now someone really needs to clarify this. I know the ultimate test is listen. But from a design point of view just what is to be expected .

Now given your voltage is about double of mine and hence the current is about half. But total power is the same . And this voltage diffidence may effect things that I am not aware of.