SOLD: TotalDac D1 USB Cable/Filter

TotalDac D1 USB Cable/Filter, 1m+ (41"), conservatively rated in very good condition (photo available). First used in my desktop computer system with a JCAT USB card to a PS Audio DirectStream dac, where it transformed the sound. Then I used it in my living room system to feed music files to an Oppo 203 (and onto a Lampi dac). I chose the TotalDac D1 over the competition for its natural warmth, clarity, fluidity, soundstage and smoothness from top to bottom. I had compared it to the Light Harmonic Lightspeed, Acoustic Revive, Curious, DH Labs, Supra and a few others. I’ve read user comments that it easily betters the Synergistic Research and Lush cables. Selling because I no longer have need.

With the dollar falling, the current new price is about $445 shipped to the U.S. + currency conversion. I’m asking $275 shipped in CONUS, PP included, or you can use f/f and I’ll take $10 off. See my feedback at Audiomart, Audiogon, head-fi, Audio Asylum and eBay (genegold99). PM if interested.

"…the Totaldac cable offered up a more fluid and relaxed sound…The Totaldac cable added that last bit of refined, nuanced, and natural flow. down)

Stereo Times:
“The Totaldac had a richer, warmer and more organic balance. Bass lines had a good deal of weight and bloom,…”