**SOLD** Ultimate VPI Aries 2 Extended. Absolutely EVERY Available Option/Upgrade



This VPI Aries 2 Extended was bought by me direct from Mike at VPI as NOS/NIB. It was then upgraded with EVERY available option:

1) JMW 12.7i 12” Arm with Nordost Valhalla Wire: $3,000.00 + $300 Valhalla option

2) Anti Skate Device (never mounted): $100.00

3) VPI SuperPlatter & Bearing 25 pound: $1,200.00

4) Single Motor Flywheel: $900.00

5) VPI Center Weight: $150.00

6) HR-X Mini Feet: $360.00

7) Gingko Audio Plinth Dust Cover: $379.99

8) Extra Set of Black Belts (new): $40.00

9) Piano Glossy Black Finish N/C

Total Options = $6,429.00 (and that does include the plinth!) Ask is: $4,950.00

The turntable is in beautiful condition (gave 8/10 to be conservative). Tonearm shows some light scuffing from the rest. [This is always the case. VPI should felt line the tonearm rest.] Piano Black Glossy finish shows some light swirls as does the Gingko Dust Cover. Panel Magic (VPI recommends) will remove plinth swirls (if you can find them) and paste (not Gel) toothpaste will do the same for the dust cover. {Ask Vin at Gingko for more advice.)

Original Boxes, Manuals, ALL set up devices including jig & strobe disc.

Will be expertly packed or local pick up. Shipped FedEx Insured in multiple boxes or will split driving up to 200 miles.

Additional Options available: SDS, ttWeights Heavy Periphery Ring. Ask about cartridges and other VPI accessories & options.

Buyer pays: PayPal Fess & actual Shipping costs. Money Orders, all checks require 15 banking days to clear.

I will not ship to some “high risk” countries. If you are unsure, ask before you by. Thank you.

You will be happy. Moving up the turntable food chain.


Read more at http://app.audiogon.com/listings/turntables-ultimate-vpi-aries-2-extended-absolutely-every-option-upgrade-mint-2013-10-28-analog-28401-cape-fear-nc#gH7rhDbWS2Yt6ZX2.99

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Nice rig. What cartridge have you been using with this?


@peanut-butter Several different Koetsu’s. Most recently the Platinum Tigereye I currently have listed on Audiigon. Moving up to the Koetsu Coralstone.


Wow. Nice carts. May I ask what tt you’re moving to? I have an Aries 2 Extended with many of the upgrades yours has and it’s a wonderful machine. This should make someone very happy at this price.


@peanut-butter Next up is the VPI Classic 4 with 2 JMW 3D arms: 12" & 10.5". By any chance did you buy your Aries 2 Extended at the Chicago Audio show last year? I sold one there.


No - got mine new from Red Trumpet nine years ago. The Classic 4 should be a very nice upgrade for you. Sure you don’t want to go for the new Classic Direct Drive?



Even a my cost, the VPI DD is pretty expensive. When I take into account that 90% of my listening is High-Rez the VPI DD makes even less sense. Do I like analogue better. YES! Am I too lazy to bother with it? YES!

The beach girls like the TT - it looks cool.