SOLD: Uptone Audio Ultracap 1.2 linear power supply

Have this excellent Uptone Ultracap 1.2 linear power supply up for sale.
Comes with the stock Uptone 7.5v charger, all cables,the main LPS unit and the Uptone box.
Unit has available use voltages of 5/7/9/12 volts.

Asking $315 including shipping and PP.

Very interested. Sent you an email. Just making sure it includes the DC power cable (the picture on the website shows one). Thanks!

Just sold.

Just received and installed mine, to replace the iFi wart on the Matrix. Sounds good-er cold out of the box. Guessing (being a bunch of caps) it’ll improve with age. Possibly accelerated by the crazy heat these Uptone boxes produce. You’d sorta think he would either vent them or put fins on 'em like a 50’s Caddy😝

Congratulations :tada: Who knows you might start liking Windom now you have less fuzz on your music from the SMPS.