SOLD: Uptone EtherRegen

Hi Brett. Is this yours? I’m interested!

Thanks, Paul

It is. Bought in the 2nd round last Jan.

Oh, I have another offer that I received 15 mins before yours. I’ll let you know either way.


If it was on it was probably me. I responded to that ad also.

Sorry, you missed it by about 10 mins. First guy to respond has done the deal.



Ok. Thank you. You probably saved me $1500 between the etherregen and another expensive ethernet cable!

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@paul172 I have one that I may sell soon. I made some other upgrades to the system and am no longer using it here.

Let me know I’m interested. Thanks Vern!

Will do. I’ll try to get the box located and send a couple of pics within the next week or so.

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Out of curiosity, why did you sell the ER?

Because I was unable to hear a difference with or without it. Early on I believe I was allowing myself to succumb to one or more biases. I’ve had it for 11 months and bypassed it on several occasions to ensure repeatability.

It very possibly has a positive impact in systems with a difference architecture than mine.

Were you using it with a Matrix Spdif in the system? Not that it matters or makes a difference I’m just curious. Thank you.

I had one of those too. I sold it after a few months but my system was not where it is today. Here’s my system architecture.

The Pink Faun has a massive beast of a power supply and it only runs HQPlayer NAA. IS2 to the DS. I also feed the PF via optical fiber.

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Thanks for sharing! I never heard of the Pink Faun but a year ago I didn’t know about the etherregen or the matrix either!

I sent you a PM.