[Solved] WTB: PWD Mkii electronics

Hey everyone, looking for the electronics from a PWD MKii from someone who upgraded to the DSD. I could also use the original PWD guts if someone did the MKii upgrade. My 10-year old PWD (such a rockstar component) has to go in for repair, but before dealing with the shipping hassle I thought I’d check on a MKii kit first, I’d rather put the dollars and time toward an upgrade than a repair.


I have the original parts that I took out of the MKi when I upgraded to MKii. Is that what you are after?

I have all the pieces from a Mk2 sitting in a box after the DS upgrade.

I also have the parts remaining from the upgrade from a MKII to the DSD in a box

Wow just wanted to say thanks to everyone who replied. I worked something out with one of the posters here and am looking forward to getting the PWD upgraded and the music playing again.

I was not expecting this to be so fast or easy, this is such a great community.