Some times it pays to be an early riser

This morning I was treated to a beautiful view in the sky. I walked out to get the bike out of the garage to get ready to go to work and the moon was just about completely eclipsed. That was about 4:10, 4:15. It was, without a doubt, the best one I’ve ever seen.


I was awake, lying in bed, at 3:50, but didn’t get up. For some reason I thought the eclipse was going to be tonight. I didn’t realize I’d missed it until later this morning. I’m consoling myself with the knowledge that we had some cloud cover here last night, and I might not have seen anything.

Complete cloud cover here, too. Missed it. :expressionless:

I was up then too. All I noticed was 3" or so of snow that fell as I slept.

I’m in central Maryland and it was as clear a night as one could hope for. I road my motorcycle into work this morning so it was much easier to glance up occasionally. Beautiful sight. I’m kicking myself for not pulling out my cell phone and taking a picture. Some how I always forget that I have a camera close at hand.

I am not an early riser; but my good friend made sure that I got up. :laughing:

Too cloudy here to see it. More “lake effect” snow showers. Dammer…

Yes, at least the lake effect snow stopped before dawn!

I was up early, but the clouds were up before me—in fact, I’m sure they never went to bed! :smirk: :smirk:

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