Something Loose in new DAC

I received my new DirectStream Junior DAC last Friday and the shipping box was in great shape. When I unpacked the unit, I heard something loose in the chassis, like a screw or nut. Has anyone else had this issue, and is it something to be concerned about? I sent a message to the Service Dept on the website but have not heard back from them yet. My concern is the loose object will cause a short or something.

Hi rickmusicman,

We are very sorry to hear this.

The DsJ should have no sort of loose debris inside the unit nor should you hear rattling or other such sounds coming from inside the unit.

Please reach out to me directly at or call us at (720) 406-8946 extension 2 and we can discuss this further and get you taken care of.

As for our service contact form on our website we check this daily and get back with in 24 hours.

It is likely that your message was not received for some reason.

I’ll look for your response directly.

  • Jeremy