Sonore Rendu w/optional I2S interface

The Sonore Rendu is an audiophile network audio player with Ethernet input and SPDIF or SPDIF/i2s output. The Rendu is intended to operate in combination with a DLNA server running on your PC, Mac or NAS. You then control the Rendu from your hand held mobile device application or laptop.

This unit has the OPTIONAL I2S (HDMI) interface for PS Audio, Wyred4Sound and other DACs. This option significant improves performance over the standard SPDIF and adds $200 to the $1299 base unit. Total Price = $1,499.00.

What makes the Rendu different from a computer music servers is that it’s a purpose built audiophile device. The problem with computer music
servers is that they all rely on mass produced mother boards designed for general purpose computing and are built to the lowest possible price point. The Rendu solves this problem by removing the consumer grade computer peripherals and switching mode power supply from the equation. The Rendu’s main board has been specifically built for processing audio signals perfectly. The Rendu is powered by an audiophile grade linear power supply with a high quality ultra low noise regulator. The Rendu also operates asynchronously using on board fixed frequency low jitter clocks to achieve the lowest possible jitter.

Chris Connaker of computeraudiophile had this to say about the Rendu:

“The Simple Design UPnP AV 2.0 / DLNA compliant Rendu Ethernet to S/PDIF Converter is a fairly unique device. Its features such as true gapless support from 44.1 through 192 kHz and DSD DoPE playback for streaming DSD over Ethernet help set the Rendu apart from the competition. Features are one thing but sound quality and a device that delivers on the manufacturer’s promises is another. The Rendu sounded
very good in all systems I used during the review. Both PCM and DSD playback was impressive through the Rendu. It’s linear power supply likely plays a significant role in its sonic quality. The Rendu delivers on all its advertised features from DSD to 24/192 PCM playback to gapless audio all streamed over Ethernet. These features simply work as they should. The Simple Design Rendu Ethernet to S/PDIF Converter is a great solution for Ethernet based audiophiles, those tempted by Ethernet audio, and multi-zone music aficionados among others. Highly recommended and CASH Listed.”

I purchased this unit new from Sonore about 1 year ago. It’s always worked perfectly with my PWDII and then DirectStream. Selling because I’m taking a different direction with my system.

Get 90% of the performance of the new Signature Series Rendu for far less than half the cost. Used I2S units are hard to find. Don’t miss this one!

Buyer pays $14.95 shipping in USA; contact me for prices elsewhere. Add 3% for PayPal within USA, 4% outside USA.

Please see my feedback on eBay (username “gschotland” - 1,500+ transactions, 100% positive).

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