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Has anyone other than Ted_b had a chance to pair up the SSR with the DS?


largenmt said Has anyone other than Ted_b had a chance to pair up the SSR with the DS?


I purchased an SSR and a DS a few days after Ted_B’s and Chris’ review of DS/SSR came out at Computer Audiophile. I was hours away from ordering the parts for a CAPS 4 Pipeline music server. I have a friend with a CAPS 3 Carbon, and it is the best music server I’d heard to date, however it is slow, and a bit clunky. I’d been waiting for the V4 CAPS to come out and was hoping when built it would have a little better processing power/speed without loss of sound quality.

When I swung over to CA to get the build list, Ted’s review of the DS was hours old. So I waited till Chris’ review of the SSR came out and decided it would be crazy to build a server (and still need a NAS for storage) when I could get the SSR and a NAS for just a little more than the CAPS and a NAS, and eliminate the Windows, JRiver software, etc.

I am saving up for the NAS right now. I’m currently using the SSR as a DLNA server using JRiver on my desktop. In this configuration, I can toggle between the SSR on I2s, and the COAX input from my transport. The SSR actually sounds a little more holographic than the transport. Better than I was expecting, honestly. I know I won’t get the full benefit until I am using the NAS directly with the tablet controller and eliminate the desktop.

So last week I took the SSR to my friend’s house who owns the CAPS Carbon. We were able to set up the SSR as a DLNA server and compare that against the CAPS in blind tests using my friend’s Calyx D/A. CAPS via USB, SSR via S/PDIF. The CAPS performed better in all aspects. It’s a good server. Then we set up the SSR directly with the NAS, and controlled it with Minimserver(sp?) on the NAS and Bubbleup(sp) on an Android tablet. In that configuration, we were both able to pick the SSR as the better performer in blind testing. It was close, but the SSR was superior. Plus, no delay, lag from slow processing. The app on the Tablet isn’t great, but works fine. I prefer the tablet control, my friend prefers the monitor, keyboard approach. And hopefully, the SSR won’t wear out, or become obsolete as quickly as the CAPS. They’re both computers I suppose, but that little CAPS is working hard to process graphics and music.

If you don’t yet have a quality dedicated server, it’s a no brainer, get the SSR. I won’t be able to tell the full potential until I have the NAS and Tablet set up, but I am already glad I purchased it instead of a computer server.


Thanks for the info. please keep us posted on your impressions.



Just wondering if you’ve gotten your NAS and paired it with your SSR/DS yet and whether you still think that is where you get the best SQ. I have a DS DAC as well as a CAPS-type device (Audiophile Vortexbox with SOtM USB by Small Green Computers) and I like the pairing but I am intrigued at how much better my system would sound with the SSR via I2S. I suspect the SSR may sound better but will it be a minimal improvement and in what way will the combo sound better. Perhaps more importantly, is there a beta tester that can comment on how it might compare against the Bridge II?

This is an old thread, but I’ve been using the original SSR (since Aug '14) with the DS DAC with zero issues. It is an amazing piece of kit. I just order the Bridge II because I’d like one less box so we’ll see. If the Bridge II works as well I will probably list the SSR, only because it is redundant, but then again might move it to the bedroom system where it is worth more than the whole system combined. lol

Be sure to let us know your findings!