Sony HAP (Z1ES, S1)

Probably not the best space to do this but I thought I’d still ask.

Looking for one of these (either the Z1ES or the S1) for my modest office setup. I reside overseas, however Missus and kids are in the US until early December (New York City) and would be able to pick it up or receive it at their hotel.

I’d prefer black, but silver is OK anyway. Cheers

I have a silver HAPZ1ES that has been upgraded to a 2TB SSD vs. the factory 1TB HDD. Will include the 2TB of music on SSD. I’m the original owner and it includes all factory accessories and boxes.

I live in Florida, but can ship to NYC. I have lots of 100% positive feedback on eBay (19 years as a seller - sfseay12), Audiogon (sfseay), and USAudiomart (sfseay).

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