Sound profile of FR20

Many people categorize speakers as leaning towards analytical such as Magico A3 or Musical like the Focal Sopra 2. The Classic Yin vs Yang. How would you characterize the FR20?

Clean, open, magical


I’d say that the FR20s are more musical than analytical, although the detail level is very high and on some recordings the sound may be a little analytical. I’ve found that they really make bad recordings sound bad.

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I understand this, and at the same time some good recordings sound even better. Anne Bisson’s voice sounds the best I’ve heard on the FR20. And so does Norah Jones, Maggie Rogers and Jessica Carson.

Bad recordings should sound bad.


Amen to that. If a bad recording sounds ok on a system, that system is holding back some unpleasant information, like a mother, about how you look in your brother’s hand-me-down winter coat.


In my chair bad recordings just sound uninteresting. Not more bad.

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Clean out your earwax>> :innocent: :grinning:

Ha ha…

Best wishes

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Any updates on the sound of your FR20’s?

My FR20’s are starting to open up, and is worth the wait. A DSD256 of Beethoven Septet in E flat Op 20, by the Vienna Octet, available at [(High Definition Tape Transfers) is sounding jaw-dropping good diven by a BHK Pre feeding the M1200’s.

I have also rotated both full solid state pre and power amps and full tube pre and power amps with the FR20’s and like what I am hearing.


Love it! Can you post a picture of the setup including the FR20s?