Spatial Audio M3 Sapphire new BF speakers

I would also be interested in a comparison to Maggies. In our case, 1.7s

I know this isn’t a fair assessment maybe but is it me or others too. When I hear the demo videos of spatial Audio speakers I here a tad of artificial or exaggerated reverb or echo maybe? Sorta like a hall effect or tunnel thing? Maybe I’m crazy. The Maggies have that too ( but in a just enough way ) but JUST a tad in comparison. Anyone hear this too?

I don’t hear anything like that on my pair of m5 sapphires

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I was thinking of trying the new M3 sapphires’s

I’ll be very interested in your impressions. We currently have Magnepan 1.7s with a couple of REL subs. My wife loves the sound but would appreciate a smaller footprint.

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Distance from front wall is everything to these speakers- if you don’t have the room, buy a box speaker

I had Maggies so I understand. Room is 24’ X 23.3

What amp are you powering them with?

BHK pre, Benchmark AHB2

NRD has some bonus footage. The Spatial speakers seem very open and detailed. I hear the CS song a hundred times in my system and this seems more detailed. I had 3.7i maggies too. The texture and layering sounds amazing. I may have to order an M3-S pair soon


I have Maggies, Quads and Spatial speakers. Love the vocals on the Maggies and Quads but the Spatials just sound a bit hollow. Very detailed, good bass but they just don’t do it for me. Having said that occasionally I come across some music they just excel on but unfortunately that doesn’t happen too often.

I am considering a set of X3 or X5 Spatials to pair up with a set of recently purchased BHK 300’s. Any thoughts on these?

I had a pair of M3 turbo a while back. I sold them after a year or so. I too thought they sounded hollow or a slight echo thing? I am hoping to grab a semi local Maggie 20.7 pair asap!

I’m considering a pair of M3S or X5’s which I would pair with my BHK 250. Hoping to audition some of the Spatial Audio speakers locally before pulling the trigger.

One thing for sure is, either of the BHK amps would be more than enough horse power to drive any of the high efficiency Spatial speakers. Especially the X5 or X3, which have powered sub woofer amps.

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I took delivery of a new pair of M3S on Monday. They are breaking in, so far, the open baffle bass is everything it is cracked up to be especially in my 12x12x8 room. They are replacing Vandersteen Treo CT.

Tweeters on the M3S are drawing attention to themselves more than I’d like but I’m told by Clayton that this will subside.

I need to replace my Bryston 4B NRB with a more suited amplifier that may help calm down the top end a bit. I’m suffering from decision paralysis. I have no idea what to buy. I like the idea of the stellar line, but I don’t need that much power.

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Nice. I just ordered a set of X5’s yesterday. Keep us in the loop as your M3’s break in. You really cant have too much power. The speakers will only get what they ask for on an average basis but the extra power will always help with transient passages.

Maybe one of the PS Audio guys can speak to this. I might be over thinking. If my budget allows me to buy a tube amp or an amp like m1200…would I get a better sounding lower power amp for the same or similar price as a higher power amp. In other words, does the price to build a higher powered amp require slightly less quality reproduction to get the power? IDK. Paralysis lol

Analysis paralysis. It gets me all the time. If you want class D amps and could swing a set of 1200’s I’m sure they would last many years without getting itchy for a replacement. My other system has a pair of m700’s, DS Jr, BHK preamp running a set of Tekton Electrons and they sound really good.
Remember you can test the amps out at home for 30 days and only pay shipping back if you dont keep them. PSA also has an awesome trade in program too. Best email one of the sales crew or call them directly. They re always happy to help whether you buy anything or not.

Look forward to hearing your impressions of the X5’s. Clayton put me in touch with someone locally that has a pair of X3’s which I hope to hear next week. If I like them I’ll probably order a a pair of X5’s.

What size room will you be setting them up in?

Its kind of odd sized “open design”. The basic room is very roughly 25’ x 15’ x 11’ ceiling. It is open on one end to the kitchen which is roughly 12’ deep. The speakers are on the 25’ long wall near one end. Not the perfect setup but is acceptable to both parties involved :smile:

Clayton recommended the X5 over the X3 for this room. I was planning on buying the X3 and was pleasantly surprised by the downsell. He seems like a really down to earth craftsman and has a lot of pride in his designs.