Speaker Impedance for Stellar S300 Amplifier | Zu Audio Speakers

I recently received an email from Zu Audio that they’re offering “speaker loading resistors” to lower the impedance of their speakers because some amps like a heavier load.

Here is a link to their page with a chart at the bottom that shows the different impedance’s.

I have the Omens and I’m curious what the affect would be taking them from 12 ohms down to 9 or 6 ohms.

Do I stand to gain (or lose) anything by adding resistors?

I’d love to hear your feedback on how this would affect the S300.

Thanks so much and great job on the Stellar components; they rock and I love them!

Don’t fix what isn’t broken. The resistors are only going to burn off energy as heat. I would expect the ICE module in the S300 would be most happy driving the easier load your speakers present.

Asking/calling support or directly with Darren the designer would be the best bet.

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With many Class D amps, going from a 16 ohm to a 8 ohm load will make a big enough difference in the audio band frequency response that I’d say it would be worth it. With just the input impedance of the AP analyzer (100,000 ohms), I get a small dip of about .75dB at 20kHz and a 1.5dB peak at 70kHz. Considering that at 16 ohms this would be a lot less dramatic, I don’t think the resistors are worth trying. Subjectively, I could be incorrect and you may prefer the sound with an 8 ohm load due to an amplitude difference of the RF noise.

Thanks for the feedback Darren!