Speaker Stands

I have a set of Legacy Calibre bookshelf speakers and need stands that are 28"-30" high and can handle a 50 pound speaker. I currently have 28" Pangea 400s but they are badly warped/twisted due to the tension on the supports. Looking at Solid State SS7s which may or may not be discontinued - any suggestions up to $500- 600 a pair?

Keep and eye out at Parts Connexion they seem to list some good, quality new and used stands at great prices on a regular basis.



I would contact Legacy Audio and see what they recommend.


Check with Bryston as they are making Target Stands again.


Reach out to Noel at Skylan manufacturing. He can custom make exactly what you need in a sturdy, rigid 4 post stand which can be mass loaded. You can have exactly the height you require and custom top and bottom plate sizing. The only other builder of similar but even nicer custom stands would be Sound Anchors. Those would be double your budget though.

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Thanks for feedback

Legacy goes with the Sound Anchors but they are expensive and in my mind ugly.

The Target Stands are what Pangea copied and I Leary of getting into another torque problem. Iā€™m sure that Target are better made than Pangea but do not want to take the risk.