Speakers that are well-suited for the BHK 250

I have placed a listing on Audiogon for a pair of speakers that are well-suited, if not perfect, for the BHK 250. The speakers are the BSI Model 4 made by PBN Audio/Peter Noerbaek. I have them set up in my listening room along with the DSS and P5 and the sound is stupendous! The BHK mono blocks are not needed since the BSIs have a Hypex 800 watt amp built in each speaker. I urge everyone looking for new speakers to read my ad (go to Audiogon and search for BSI). I would like nothing better for an owner of the BHKs to get these speakers and I would be willing to offer a very good reduction from the asking price for all PS audio owners. If any questions please call me at 469 662 9575.