Spend my money

So I got an amazon gift card burning a hole in my pocket for 100 bucks… I’d like to figure out a tweak or accessory that I could consider… I’m not limited to the 100 bucks -and could consider it a ‘discount’ on something… So here is what I am considering… and other ideas are more than welcome…

  1. backup hard drive (5tb) (boring… but……)
    2)power cord for my DS (would have to be sold on amazon)
    3)unbalanced interconnects - Currently using Audioquest King Cobras.

I am all digital and have my laptop->matrix->DS->Cary Slp98p (tubed)->Sunfire Signature-> Maggie setup awaiting some form of upgrade… :slight_smile: Thanks!!

Why not some music?

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Hmm. Good thought. I do have a ton of it. And I am pretty particular. But…hmmm.

Owned Sunfire Signature subs… w/ Vandersteen VSM1 surround sound set up 15 years ago…

Back up drive if you do not already have a couple.

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Ahh. Yes this is the sunfire sig amp.

I use to have Threshold S150 and pre back in the day. I believe he started Sunfire and it looks like he sold it… Nelson started Threshold w/ stasis amps… who am I thinking started Sunfire…

Bob carver. Yes I bought the amp when he was still running it. I do think it is a very high value piece.

Thank You, I had an M500 back in the day, reason I bought the Sunfire… the M400 cube was a big thing in the early 80s…

Lol. Me too. M500t. Still have it …errr I mean my son has it hooked to some Maggie mmg’s.

You have the bhk monos now don’t you??? Tell me about them. :). Compared to your prior amps. I mean I got a hundred dollars here!!

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One of these has become a nearly indispensable part of my audio toolkit (just a thought):

Depending on the model and its capabilities they can be had for less than $100.00 US.


Too funny. Yeah got BHK monos…:nerd_face::sunglasses:
Loved the M500 amp back in the day. My Sunfire subs were OK; however, no where near my REL S3/SHO subs… different zip code… never had Sunfire amps, just amps inside the subs…

OK, for <$20 you can pick up a nice digital thermometer for keeping track of a heated situation w/ money to burn.

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What USB cable do you currently use between the laptop and Matrix?

for #3 I can recommend these: https://www.decware.com/newsite/newdsr.htm

great interconnects and, for the money, an absolute bargain!!

I was looking at this at the Taschen bookshop today. very nice book.

Hundred bucks won’t get you the best of anything in the hifi world.
But if you like to cook, this is the best:

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I have a AQ Diamond usb and the mocha I2S. So I don’t have a need there :).

August WR320 streamer.