I cannot seem to find instructions on how to playback Spotify on the PWD - where are those?

I have posted a How To

Download the Spotify app on your mobile device. You must then sign up for their premium service ($10 a month). Choose a song and then in the lower portion of the screen, you can select the device to which you wish to play to. Choose and then you’ll see a list of available devices. If your phone is on the same network as your PWD and Bridge II, you’ll see the Bridge listed as a device. Choose it.

Cool…I wasn’t aware PWD supported Spotify.

It’s the Bridge II that supports Spotify, regardless of which model DAC it has been installed in.

I realise that, what I didn’t know was that BridgeII was compatible with PWD.

I just happen to be listening to Spotify now, streamed to my network enabled DAC. It sounds absolutely terrific. The CD is dead, Spotify is the new king.

I just took a look at Spotify, their Premium service is not CD resolution, it is Mp3 at 320kbit/s. Granted their price for the Premium service is only $10 a month, but for $20 you can get Tidal with everything available in 16/44 which is CD quality, and a lot of MQA that the web player unfolds to 24/96.

Anyone with the Bridge II can get both unfolds, so 24/192. Tidal has had it’s issues, but they have been sending out updates quite regularly. The player now can go from a CD file to an MQA file without hanging up.