Sprout low volume with Vinyl/ Bluetooth not pairing


I just receive my Sprout back from PS Audio. They fixed the issue of no sound coming out of the right channel.

However, before I got the Sprout back, I had upgraded my Turntable. Now that the new turntable is connected, I’m getting very low volume output (on both channels).

The other issue is the Bluetooth isn’t pairing now, either. I’ve never had issues with the Bluetooth before sending the Spout in, though. I’ve tried pairing 2 separate iPhone’s.

I don’t blame you for being frustrated. This shouldn’t happen. Can you connect us on Monday and we’ll get this handled right away with our apologies.

Will do Thank you.

Hi jasonvaughn,

Sorry to hear this!
We’ll get you another one to take care of this issue.
Please reach me at jeremyb@psaudio.com.
I need that unit’s serial number and your shipping address so I can get you another RMA to have it replaced.

  • Jeremy

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your response.

Just to clarify, you’re going to replace my Sprout, or did you mean get me another RMA# to send it back in for repair?


Hi jasonvaughn,

Per Paul I’ve been given special permission to get you a completely new, replacement Sprout!
Just let me know and I’ll get it going.

  • Jeremy