Sprout: USB Audio 2.0 compliant?

Replacement unit came in from Amazon and exhibits the same behavior. It just does not work with most of my devices, while these devices have worked with several different USB DACs.

I think I know what the problem is. Contact us for a direct replacement in this case, I’d love to get you going in the matter.

Email me at tjt@psaudio.com

Can you share the solution?

I have attempted to connect a Sprout100 to a Raspberry Pi 3 running DietPi and Roon Bridge with no luck.

The Sprout is currently disconnected and sitting idle.


Shoot, having trouble with the Sprout100 seeing the Pi3? Send TJ a quick email. It very likely needs to come in and get checked out.

@bobworley From what I have gathered, older firmware revisions have this issue. PSA support has started the RMA process for me to get a replacement from the factory. Both units I received from Amazon had the same issue. But they still have not answered my question of whether I will need to pay for return shipping.

@kflou Yes, you are correct about firmware. Older firmware did not support Linux.

@bobworley The fact is, we’ve never officially supported Linux; only Windows and Mac OS x, but after numerous requests, we’ve added code to support it that requires sending the unit in for updates, unfortunately.

Thanks for the info, TJ. I purchased 2 of the Sprout100 units directly from PS Audio near the end of April on order number 97115.

For using the Sprouts as I had anticipated, it would be great to be able to stream to the Pi.

I am assuming that I would need to send both units back to you folks for update? One of them has never been unboxed yet.

Please let me know how to proceed.



No problem, Bob! Go ahead and email me at tjt@psaudio.com, I’ll get you taken care of.


Note to customers with Raspberry Pi’s:

We are having problems with connections to Raspberry Pi’s and are working on a solution asap. Please let me know if you have any information that could help. I’ll keep you all posted.

Thanks for the patience!

I had been intending to switch to a Raspberry Pi based renderer for my desktop system, which uses a Sprout100. I guess that is now on hold until you sort out the problem.

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We’ve fixed it! The Sprout100 will now confidently connect and play from Raspberry Pi and Linux itself.

Thanks for the patience!!


Hi, I also use a Rapberry Pi based system and would like to connect direct to the Sprout 100 - currently connect up via a Schitt Modi, but feel that one less item in the chain would be beneficial.

How do i go about getting the firmware update? Love the Sprout 100 btw.

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Shoot TJ an email directly at tjt@psaudio.com. We’ll get you fixed up in no time. I agree as well, going direct into the Sprout100 will sound better.

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I just got my Sprout back with the new firmware and it is working flawlessly with my Raspberry Pi running Volumio (up to DSD128 - via DoP).
Kudos to TJ !


Thanks for keeping us posted! So glad it’s working now! I’ll let TJ know.

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Just wanted to chime in and report that TJ got me up and running, too. Running DietPi and Roon Bridge. Great customer service IMHO. Thanks for caring!

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Thanks for letting us know and the feedback. It’s always appreciated. TJ’s a good guy!

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Woohoo! That’s awesome. Enjoy that little guy :slight_smile:

Thanks, Bob!!! Just glad to hear you’ve got that going :smiley:

Also - DietPi is the way to go. Much fun!

You’re too sweet to me, Sir!