SR Blue at wholesale?

It looks like SR Blue fuses are price-fixed at $150 retail. Being a fuse-skeptic (and a cheapskate) I wouldn’t buy a fancy fuse at full price. Perhaps others have previously suggested it, but here’s my idea.

You should sell SR Blue fuses at wholesale to customers who already own a unit of PS Audio gear. Also, provide same to new customers as a purchase incentive.

I think this would be good marketing unless it puts you in legal jeopardy vis-à-vis SR.

Are you referring to Synergistic Research fuses?

Parts Connexion in Canada occasionally have them on sale. I bought one for my power amp in Nov for 25% off.

Yes, SR = Synergistic Research

And can you explain why PS Audio should subsidise the price of another company’s product just to allow skeptics to buy a fuse at a lower price? There are plenty of lower priced "audiophile’ fuses on Ebay that will allow you do satisfy your curiosity.


You misused the word subsidize. To sell an item at wholesale isn’t to subsidize. To subsidize is ‘pay part of the cost of producing (something) to reduce prices for the buyer.’

You also misspelled it. It’s spelled with a ‘z’.

Could you restate your question using words correctly, and not being belligerent, disrespectful, etc.?

In the UK and Australia, we spell subsidise with an “S”.
So, to rephrase in a non belligerent manner.
“can you explain why PS Audio should take on the hassle of carrying the cost of buying, storing and shipping a fuse with no profit or at a possible loss, of another company’s product just to allow skeptics (such as you describe yourself) to buy a fuse at a discount price when there are plenty of reasonably priced options that a person could avail themselves off that would allow a person to independently investigate whether fuses do in fact make a difference?”


This is going well, i think

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I’m not much of an entrepreneur or business wizard, but companies do have promotions in which they provide a perk only for their own customers. At least one hi-fi electronics and tube seller has rare NOS tubes that are reserved solely for customers who purchase their tube gear from him. It makes for good customer relations. I’m not an accountant but I believe the incurred costs are tax deductible because they fall in the rubric of promotions and advertising.

I hope this answers your question.

Yes, that does.

We all know who it is that you’re referring to here. Know the pitchman here, I would label this as another form of marketing gesticulations. The reality is that he is creating a false demand and exclusivity. I have no problems finding the same tubes for less. Sometimes a lot less. If you do some sleuthing you’ll find that the “Platinum” matched pairs and quads are not guarantee of quality and longevity.

Yeah, we all know him.

All’s well that ends well