SR Blue Quantum Fuse - 5A [Sold]

SOLD: Synergistic Research’s top of the line Blue Quantum fuse, Small Slow-Blow 5A (250V). Came to me as part of P10 Power Plant purchase, thus well burned in, but now no longer needed. Perfect shape, marked for best direction. In my DirectStream dac, the music instantly had great swing, PRAT galore, and was quieter and with better clarity than I’d ever heard. Great improvement over SR Black (and Red). No pro reviews yet, but highly recommended by users on the fuses thread at What’s Best Forum, starting at page 38:, and at Highend Electronics user reviews:

$105 includes shipping in CONUS from 59715 and Pay Pal. See my feedback at Audiomart, Audio Asylum, Audio Circle, Audiogon, Head-Fi and EBay (genegold99).

From Synergistic Research site:
The new SR BLUE Quantum Fuse was developed over a two year period and represents our most advanced UEF Technology to date. At its heart is a completely new UEF / Graphene coating that delivers a dramatic increase in resolution and holographic realism over SR Black. And thanks to a new conditioning process, break-in time is cut in half. In fact a brand new out-of-the-box BLUE Fuse should significantly out perform a fully broken-in BLACK Fuse and it only gets better from there with full performance after 200 hrs of continues power. To find out how good your components really are audition the new SR BLUE Quantum Fuse today.