Stack with feet or without?

I have an obsessive audiophile question. Sorry to beat a dead horse if this has already been debated.

My DS DAC doesn’t stack well on top of my DMP. It seems the left rear corner of the cover of the DMP is popping up a few millimeters. I’ve tried pushing down on it, but it’s not moving. Therefore, the DAC is not sitting flush on top of the DMP the way it did on the PWT. The left rear corner of the DAC is raised up because that plastic semicircle can’t curl down around the DMP corner.

So . . . I want to put the rubber feet back on the DAC and stack it that way. Because at least then the DAC will be sitting even.

So my question is . . . is there any reason why this might be a bad idea? Possibly because now all the weight is sitting on the DMP cover, rather than distributed around the chassis? Could there be either an adverse structural effect or sonic effect? In comparison to sitting flush, I mean. I haven’t removed the plastic film from the DMP, so cosmetic damage is not an issue.

(Why don’t I just stack the DMP on top of the DAC? Because I tried it that way with the PWT and thought it sounded better with the disc spinner on the bottom.)

Would appreciate any advice. Thanks, people, and Happy New Year.

I had a similar issue with them not stacking flush. I ended up putting my DMP on top. I did not discern any difference.

But, you can always pick up a set of 3 or 4 Vibrapods to place between your DS DAC and DMP stack and be done with it - and likely have a chance of improved results.

As of last week, I have reorganized my equipment placement and now have a dedicate shelf for both the DSD and the DMP.

Dedicated shelves are definitely the way to go, but I don’t have the space right now. Furthermore, I’m using a Powerbase (for isolation only) beneath the pair. So I prefer to keep them together without any extra tweak products.

It should sit flush. I have my DSD sitting on my PWT. My suggestion is to take the cover off and identify why it’s out. The case has separate corners and side panels and if one is out of square/alignment it can cause your problem. The procedure to take it apart is here in the forum with a search. I have my feet off and I use Isoacoutics Bronze pucks on all of my sources and BHK pre.

I would get the Vibrapods or maybe some Tenderfeet from Herbie’s and call it a day. Or put the DMP on top like I did. I don’t believe it makes a difference.

There were other reports from a while back of the black gloss top cover warping. The solution was to have it replaced with another one.

I can’t imagine a reason why this wouldn’t work.

Thanks, guys. The cover is definitely not warped, it’s just popping up 2-3 mm in that corner. And I don’t think I’d want to take the machine apart just for that reason. I do have some Vibrapods here, maybe I’ll try them.

Thanks, Paul. Maybe this is the best solution.

It’s just four screws to remove it. It’s quite straightforward.

The cover should fit flat. If it doesn’t, it’s warped. It’s happened to a few others and they were replaced. They are easy to take off.

I do know how to do it. I’ve removed the cover of the DAC to replace the fuse. Getting it back on can be a pain because of those RFE tabs.

Paul, what do you think? Do I have a warped cover?

Brodric, the reports you mentioned about warped covers. Is that here in the forums? I’ve done some searching but can’t find it. Can you point me to a link?

If this has been a known problem, it’s a little annoying to think I was sent a bad cover. I just unboxed it yesterday. Haven’t even turned it on yet.

I think that if you can’t find this problem with a search, it’s not a common occurrence. The chassis, sides and corners are held together quite well but it’s not a stretch to realize something may have flexed in shipping. My shipping boxes look like war surplus. If you haven’t looked at the chassis to identify why it’s not flush you can’t assume it’s a manufacturing defect.

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of stacking equipment. I only ever did it out of necessity. After “slimming down” my system recently and getting a different rack, I no longer have a need to stack.

But if I had to stack gear again, especially PSA high end gear, I would use three Vibrapods or Isoacoustic pucks between them.

You couldn’t have searched too hard…just type “warped” in the search box and you will find what you’re looking for.

However, if you’ve just unboxed it yesterday, it’s probably not warped for the same reasons others have been warped. In any event, something is not right and I suggest you return it to the place of purchase for them to deal with.

This has also been discussed before. Some owners have complained of receiving brand new units with corners that aren’t assembled square. Others have complained of chassis’ not being zipped up properly. Others have received the wrong model screen printed on the chassis. Don’t assume everything that comes out of the warehouse is perfect. Sometimes some things slip through the QC process post production. Unfortunate, but it happens.

Oh, you meant the DSjr? Has anyone else complained of this issue besides this guy overseas?