Stack with feet or without?


My DMP certainly does not look like the DSjr in that picture. His top is actually curling over along the entire side. I also see no chassis alignment problems or any other type of visible imperfections. The shipping boxes are fine, no evidence of impact. The only issue with the unit is that the one corner is raised about 2 mm higher than the others. Just enough so that the DAC can’t settle around that corner. If I hadn’t tried to stack it, I’m sure I never would have noticed. This doesn’t look to me like it qualifies as an actual manufacturing defect.



As I mentioned above, once you said your unit was new, that is a different matter because yours arrived from the factory like that and didn’t warp over time whilst in use. Read what else I said. Sometimes they are assembled not quite right at the factory, and the corners are out of square, or whatever. Why can’t you just take it back to the dealer and have them deal with it? If they aren’t stacking properly something is out of alignment, and that’s a defect that needs fixing.



You have a good point, Brodric. I’ll keep an eye on things.



I received a brand new unit that wasn’t assembled quite right. Others have too. It doesn’t happen very often but it does happen. The fix should be easy.



One-hundred percent true. Things slip by sometimes. I don’t feel it’s worthwhile to ship it all the way back to CO at this point, but I’ll be watching how it performs, once I get it up and running, hopefully this weekend.



PS Audio has been known to pay for 2-way shipping when new stuff arrives “not quite right”. Try them, I’m sure they will look after you.



Oh, that’s good to know. Thanks!



I have read about order in stacking up DSD + DMP, but can’t seem to find with the smaller version. Taking into account functionality, weight, components running hot etc should I remove the feet and put my DSjr on top of the DMP? Or the other way around.



Don’t stack on the DSJr unless it runs cool in your setup.

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Cheers Ted, will stack on the DMP then.