Stacking components

Hey there. I love my new BHK 250 power amp. I notice it is warm all the time, which is normal. But space is at a premium in my cabinet. Can I really safely stack a Sig Preamp on top of the 250 amp? I do run fans inside the cabinet for circulation when the system is on.

Yes, you can though if it were possible to not stack the BHK directly on top that would be preferable.

Hm. Well space is tight. What if i run a phono pre under the

And do you have any specific pre you recommend? If I could stack
the Sig on top of my BHK 250, I was going to get a Manley
Chinook. If the phono pre needs to go under the Sig, I might have
to go with a SS unit like the Sutherland 20/20.