Stacking the Directstream Dac and the DirectStream Memory player?


I need to make some room in my rack for a new piece, and I was thinking about stacking my DS DAC and DS Memory player. I know that both devices can be susceptible to vibration, does it matter which way I stack them? Would it be better to put the DAC on the bottom or the top?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

It has been discussed here before and if memory serves most recommend putting the transport on top. I have limited space in my rack as well. I have the two units separated by four VooDoo Iso Pods.

Wait long enough and some members will say that one way or the other has such a profound effect on the sound stage depth that the neighbors will complain about a lone drummer in their living room.
That said, try it all ways. I can’t hear a difference worth thinking about.

I am not certain it matters but I always place the DMP on top of the DS DAC.

Thought I read somewhere that if you stack the units you should remove the feet on the top unit, which makes no sense to me.

They nest together nicely if you remove the feet of the top unit.

After giving it a closer look I see what you mean.