Staus PWD (FW2.9.7) and Bridge II (FW2.7.11)

What’s the status of PWD FW2.9.7 and BridgeII FW2.7.11?

In the DS subsection problems with BubbleUPNP compatibility after upgrading the BridgeII to FW2.7.11 are reported. Is this also observed with the PWD?

Can I at least upgrade my PWD from FW2.4.6 to 2.9.7 to get the renaming of the Brigde remaining?

Yes there are issues with 2.7.11 Bridge II code that are being currently worked on the try to find the solution. You can safely upgrade your PWD to 2.9.7 and await upgraded Bridge II code that solves the Bubbleupnp issues.


Are there any news on this? Is a FW for Bridge II available that has the BubbleUPnP issues fixed. I still stuck with FW1.2.3 and get 2.7.11 offered for DL/installation on my PWD.