Stellar Gain Cell DAC Roon tested


Is the PS Audio Gain Cell DAC Roon (RAAT) capable/tested? Per Roon Support this model was never submitted for testing. Also, any progress on the flashing 352K flashing issue when using with USB connection?

Thanks —Robert

The Gain Cell DAC has not been submitted to ROON for testing. Can you remind me about the flashing 352K issue?

Glad Paul knew ROON hasn’t tested it for us because that wasn’t clear to me.

Sadly no development on the display flashing. I’ve chatted with one of the programmers and he plans to hop on it once we are able to go back to the office. Hopefully that comes sooner than later!!

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Hi Paul, @jamesh is in the loop. Basically, at 352k sampling, the display wont lock and flashes constantly to the point of annoyance. The device does not do this at 384k or any other frequency. It’s likely a firmware issue. Is the Stellar Gain Cell DAC going to be Roon tested at some point!

Is the Stellar Gain Cell DAC going to be Roon tested at some point!


No, it doesn’t have any way to become an end point and as a DAC it’s already quite good and finished.

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Got it. Thanks for the info. I’m mostly using mine as a preamp, but the DAC is good too. Now if could get that flashing display fixed…? Hopefully when normalcy returns, you guys can look at it. Apparently it happens in more than just my unit.