Stellar Gain Cell DAC with Tidal Hi-Fi: will it play MQA encoded hi-res files?


As a second system I own a complete Stellar kit (SGCD + 2 M700s) that I really enjoy on a daily basis. The quality of the system is outstanding and compares very decently to a much more expensive “large” system I own, with a PS Directstream Junior DAC as a source. I am a satisfied subscriber of Tidal and have learned to take advantage of the streaming of high resolution files using ROON and Tidal Hi-Fi into my DS Junior DAC. I would love to use Tidal Hi-Fi on this second Stellar system but it seems to me that the DAC is playing only the RBCD (44,1/16) resolution of the files as it does not support MQA and is not able therefore to “unfold” the encoded files.
The questions are the following:

  1. Can anybody confirm this information?
  2. Due to the wonderful reception the Stellar line has got, is PS Audio planning an update for the Stellar Gain Cel DAC in order to support MQA? If so, how could this update be carried out by consumers?
    Thank you very much for your kind assistance. Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina


It will not do the second unfold but software like Roon will do the first unfold to 96khz.


Thank you very much for your immediate response.


Paul has said the SGCD will not be updated to do hardware MQA decoding. So go with the software unfold as cap suggested.