Stellar GCD to BHK upgrade

hi folks,

i have a Stellar GCD and M700 set up with which i am very impressed, but has left me a bit hungry. I want to upgrade to BHKs starting with the preamp. I have a couple of questions about how to do this in steps and how to best manage my cash, so:

  • any concerns mating the BHK pre with the M700s?

  • i cannot afford a new DirectStream DAC, so what is the better option, keep the GCD or sell it and buy a good condition PerfectWave or ???

thanks all, Tom

No issues using the BHK preamp with the M700s. In fact, they were voiced using that very same preamp.

Boy, not sure about the second question. Could you trade in the GCD to us (we give you full retail) and get a DirectStream Junior? I think if you called our guys they’d put together a sweet package for you at a price you could afford with a few trade ups.

thanks Paul, GREAT - I’ll see what i/your folks can do!!

thanks Paul again … i just received a new directstream DAC with bridge so am starting the migration … my thought is to replace the GCD with the new DAC and place it in front of the M700’s and I plan to use the I^2S out on my Nuwave phono … any thing i should worry about?

Nope. That’ll work just fine.