Stellar GCDAC USB input question?

When the source input is switched to anything other than USB is the USB input powered down? Reason I ask is I’m considering purchasing this to improve stereo listening over using just my Marantz SR7005 with Yamaha MX-A5000 amp. I’m running Kodi as my media center on a Nvidia Shield TV. Using the HDMI output I get Hi-Res output with the SR7005 no issues but I can run Hi-Res output with the USB outputs, to connect to the GCDAC.

Problem is once that is done audio output is fully directed thru the USB and not HDMI, so no Dolby, DTS, etc. I’m thinking if the USB input is powered down when not selected then the Shield TV would not recognize and switch audio back thru HDMI for HT use. Still researching for more info on how it switches audio and appreciate any & all info!!!