Stellar M700 Amplifier, Stellar Gain Cell DAC connection to av receiver

Greetings from New Zealand
Excuse the complete “noobness” of my question
After purchasing a Yamaha RXA1060 and Focal Chorus 760 speakers 2 years ago I have rediscovered the beauty of 2ch music and the itch is asking can this get even better with true 2ch setup
So after watching many many of Pauls vids on you tube and thoroughly enjoying his in sites I am now considering the combination of Stellar M700 Amplifier, Stellar Gain Cell DAC.
So the “numpty” question can this combination work together with the Yami and Focal’s without me changing speakers from one to other when I change from HT to 2ch
Thank you for your time

What you would be doing is setting up a Home Theater Bypass.

(bottom of page 7)

Hey duffuss… About six months ago I replaced my Yamaha AVR for an Arcam hoping that it would give me decent 2 channel sound as well as home theatre duties. I was disappointed!

After a home demo of the Stellar GCD and subsequent purchase, I can now enjoy the best of both worlds. With your Yamaha, simply hook up the front pre out’s to one of the analog inputs on the Stellar pre amp and this now becomes the heart of your system. When I come home from work I can now enjoy awesome 2 channel music and later in the evening I switch on the AVR and flick the HT bypass button on the remote and enjoy the quality of all my components. The M700’s are also a great investment :wink:

Awesome thank you both !!!
This was what I was hoping for
As I said I’m a complete “noob” knew about the Yammi pre out but had no idea were to connect to the PS gear
So thank you again