Stellar M700 or BHK 250


I’m looking to replace my power amplifier which is a >10 year old Parasound A23.
I currently have the funds for a pair of M700 but could not help but think would it be worth the wait to accumulate enough funds for a BHK250 instead. I would expect to have saved enough for a BHK250 in a years time.
I’m curious on the level of improvement given the M700 is a mono while the BHK250 is a stereo amplifier.

Thanks in advance for any response and recommendations.

@teohkimseng Hi, check this thread: ttps:// :wink: cheers, M700s are one of the best values in audio, period.


Welcome @teohkimseng! Well, you certainly can’t go wrong with either amp(s). I really love the M700s and is the foundation of my system. Plenty of power and very musical. If I had the real estate in my room for the BHK 250, I would absolutely run it. We receive a lot of feedback from customers upgrading from the 700s to the 250, and the number one thing I hear is how much better their system images after installing the 250.

@teohkimseng I think you can trade the M700’s in at a later date for most or all of what you paid if you buy direct. I believe they also come with a 30 day money back if you pick up the return shipping. @jamesh should be able to clarify the terms and conditions.
I have a pair of M700’s and love them although I have never heard a BHK250 or 300’s. My upgrade path will be a set of BHK 300’s but no time table has been established for the move as I really have no reason to ask for anything more at this time.

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Baldy is right. Depending how old the amps are, we are more than happy to work with you to get you upgraded. (Even if they’re old, we’ll still work with you :slightly_smiling_face: ) If you’re here in the states, you do get a 30 day trial to make sure you’ve gone down the right upgrade path. Shoot me an email at with any questions.

Thank you for all the suggestions thus far.
Based on the comment thus far, I am can begin to summarise that the wait for the BHK250 would be the right way forward.
Regretfully I do not live in the USA where there is this generous trade in programme, where I would take the M700 in a heartbeat and have an upgrade path to the BHK250 at a later date.

Would anyone be able to comment on the improvements where the M700 is mono vs BHK250 in stereo?

Thanks again for the response and suggestions.

I’ve had my M700’s for over a month now with the SGCD/Preamp and am very Happy. The DAC inside the SGCD is excellent. I use the coax for PCM/mp3/AAC/ALAC and the analog inputs for 2.0 channels SACD’s/DSD files. The USB works fine but I feel the sound from the coax input is much “weightier” when I stream files via my Sony UBP-X1000ES/Sony STR-DN1080 with Balanced Output feeding the SGCD.

If you can, WAIT for BHK… to this day, I have YET to hear a Class-D amp that sounds as good as top Class A/B amps, it simply doesn’t exist. It’s also significantly more unique, warmer sound, tube input stage, and INSANE MORE engineering than M700 which is PSAudio version of ICE modules, everyone makes (theirs one of the better implementations).

To me, the only reason to get M700 is (a) You can’t afford the BHK, (b) You don’t have enough room, © You don’t have cabinet that dissipates heat… in ALL other cases, BHK all the way!!!

Maybe check dealers for a demo or discounted model, don’t settle, I am sure you can find a good deal, or maybe PS Audio would run some promotion, if I had the room, I’d buy a BHK tomorrow!

The only benefit is that power supply is not shared between channels when going monoblock, BUT the BHK has such a massive power supply it would absolutely crush M700… don’t debate, find a good deal on BHK. Where do you live? Do you have dealers close by? Almost all dealers I know workout deals, demo discounts, etc…

Hi @abeiklou,
Thank you for all the feedback and explanation.
Sounds like I should wait till I have enough funds for a BHK 250.

I live in Singapore where demo discount or deals are far and few and nothing like in the USA. Unfortunately the local dealer special deal unit sells for SGD10,499.00 which is approximately USD7,626.00…

With the option of purchasing the M700 and a future trade in programme unavailable to me I was hoping someone from PS Audio could provide me some advice or endorse the recommendations from the other forum members on this matter.

Any comments from a member of PS Audio would be appreciated.

I strongly agree with @abeiklou. He’s right. Class D has come a really long way, but it still doesn’t beat out a well designed A/B. I think him and I are in the exact same situation. I love my 700s, but if I had the funds and allowed real estate in the room, I’d no question run the BHK 250. The 250 and my Anticables are exactly what I need to calm my older B&Ws down a little, and keep the separation during loud passages.


Oh Singapore… beautiful but very expensive place. Love visiting there but I think I almost never bought anything to take home as everything was more expensive than home.

I took the leap with a BHK250 yesterday upon hearing the difference between the M700 and the BHK250 with the Malaysian distributor. The 5 hour drive up to Kuala Lumpur was worth it.

Thank you again to everyone for their opinions and recommendations.
Looking forward to a long ownership of this power amplifier.



Fantastic news! Let us know how it sounded like compared to M700? What was the deciding factor? More power, better resolution, warmer sound, etc…?

Yes, please let us know what you think now that it is home.

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Great to hear the demo went well. Thanks for keeping us posted. :grinning:


It was a great experience with the Malaysian distributor, A&L Station which allowed me and my wife a 1.5 hour demo. They were very accommodating in allowing an A/B comparison between the M700 & BHK250. They retained the same source, components and cables throughout the demo to allow consistency. We did 4 cycles of A/B comparison to allow us retention of what we heard in the M700 before migrating to the BHK250.

We tried several tunes ranging from vocals, orchestral and live recordings, which we are very familiar with. The M700 sounded muffled when compared to the BHK250 in general, while instruments sounded a lot closer the the real thing with the BHK250. Ambiance was “bigger” and there was a lot more details with the BHK250

Overall, I would summarise it as that the BHK250 gave a much better representation than the M700. The comment that sealed the deal was with my wife recognising that the BHK250 “sounded more like the real voice of the singer”. In particular was the voice of Kit Chan, Jacky Cheung and Adam Levine that we know very well as we attended their performance quite a number of times.

What we heard was consistent with @abeiklou, @jamesh described and is surely better between the two and in my opinion well worth the price difference knowing that this is a keeper for at least the next 10 years. Or at least that was what I told my wife for her to agree on the stretch in my budget :laughing:

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Hi @Paul,
First off, thank you very much for all the videos and the sharing of your knowledge.

I’m confident that the experience with the distributor would be mirrored in my system with improvements to our liking after the run in period. Both me and my wife did not like the Dali Rubicon 6 that was used during the demonstration. It is already showing much improvements with my bookshelves and will be migrated to my floor standers very soon after run in.

In reading the user manual, it does not recommend the use of passive line conditioner. While the distributor tried to persuade us to bundle a P15 with the BHK250, I have already stretched my budget to purchase the BHK250 instead of the M700 and the P15 is beyond my means for now.
I do have a PS Audio Quintet Power Center which I used previously with my parasound A23. Would you recommend the use of the Quintet with the BHK250? With both products being from PS Audio, I am hoping to get some insight on this.


Hi @teohkimseng,

I realize I’m not Paul, and I would also be interested in his answer. However, I can share my experience with you. I have the BHK pre, BHK monos, DS DAC, 11 channels of amplification, projector, and more running off a Quintet while my P20 is in for repair and things are working great. I know there is talk about a passive conditioner limiting dynamics but I simply don’t hear it in my system. My speakers are 93 db efficient so that may be part of it for me. Where I live we have frequent thunderstorms this time of year so having them plugged directly into the wall is simply not an option for me.

Does it sound better than directly plugged into the wall? I think so but maybe not a lot. Does it sound as good as my P20 did? No, definitely not.

Just my 2 cents. Hope it helps.