Stellar P20?

Ever consider a P3 style power regenerator with P20 capacity? That is, a P20 with an on/off switch and a preset multiwave on/off?

Basically a bare bones, high capacity brute?

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If only it was physically possible. The toroid is much taller than the PP3 case not to mention the heat sinks required for the transistors.

There’s a LOT more mass in the box, not just the extra outlets out back

But it would be awesome to have so much capacity in such a small space

Edit: perhaps I misunderstood. Upon 2nd read I think you just want the displays removed? They are probably a tiny fraction of the total bill of materials $

Not just the display, but I assume all the firmware associated with driving the displays. Just a thought — I like the simplicity of the P3. No anxiety over settings.

I currently run the P12 this way — everything OFF with the outlets configured as “Always On”
To the naked eye, looks like a passive conditioner!

Dark as night and in another room

Interesting. Just speakers in the listening room then?

Yep, speakers and amps. Guest bedroom closet is conveniently on the other side of my listening long wall