Stellar phono newb

Picked up a new stellar phono pre from PSA last week. The remote only works for me when I first turn it on, which I’ve adjusted to, reported, and have a replacement coming in the mail. I have good quality RCAs in place at the moment, with a new pair of XLRs coming soon. The XLR out was a big selling point for me.

After figuring out that the remote works for a few minutes, I set it correctly for my favorite DV LOMC cart this morning, taking out a couple of MM or HOMC cart setups I have on standby. It’s now high gain and custom loading. Pleased!

Any hacks out there? I have a homemade phono tube amp that it will have to compete with, and also a McIntosh phono stage available.

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It just squealed a little bit right after I wrote this, but imagine that’s typical break-in. When I muted it the high pitched noise stopped.

I think the best way to keep it from squealing is keeping it muted…

Unreasonably true, sir. I left it on and unmuted it some time later and didn’t hear anything…so that’s good.