Stellar Power Plant 3 vs Stellar S 300?

Greetings to the whole PS Audio-Family from Paul’s well-known city Stuttgart in Germany.
I hope you are all healthy and stay that way!!

Now the problem.I have a T+A R1000E Streamer/DAC/ClassD all in One Amp and Dynaudio Special Forty Speaker and I’m very happy with both but…

The Soundstage is always between the Loudspeakers more wide than deep.
I’ve experimented with Speaker Position and turn angle that’s o.k.
I think the T+A Amps typical sounds direct and physical and more wide than deep and so my Idea to connect a S 300 to the Pre out and get more Space because of the “Analog Cell” input Stage and as is well known, Dynaudio also needs more power.

Now I’ve read a lot about the Stellar P3 and the bigger Soundstage and clarity, hiss etc.
I haven’t done anything on the electricity side so far because there is only a bipolar power cable in the Wall, that’s why i think without a neutral conductor no filter is worthwhile but a Regenerator should work?

Hence the strange question what would make more sense now regarding the sound stage.

Welcome, Timmy!

I have heard the P3 in two systems, my own with GE Triton 3+ and an identical copy with Zu Omen DW.

In my opinion the benefits were not soundstage. They were in musicality and focus. Bass becomes more real, instead of bass muddying things it tightens up and sounds more like it should similar to live instruments. Harmonics localize to the instruments they belong to and blur less in space.

Soundstage improves because what I described above improves which gives the impression of a more natural and musical soundstage. It is not just wider, deeper… but rather fundamentally different.

And what the experts at PS Audio say ?