Stellar PowerPlant 3 enuf for Parasound A21+?

Looking at regen for my system:
Parasound A21+. PSA SGCD, Node 2 streamer, Wharfedale EVO 4.2’s with SVS subs(2). Question is will a Stellar PowerPlant 3 be enough to run these components?

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Hey stonefree…

The inrush surge of your A21+ will be beyond the Stellar
Power Plant 3’s power handling causing it to shut down in
self protect.

The 21+ power draw:

Power Requirement
Standby: 1 Watt
Idle (no music playing): 160 Watts
Typical Listening levels: 300 Watts
Maximum: 1400 Watts

The A21+ normal listening levels will maxout the P3’s
ability and you haven’t touched the dynamic requirments
of music…

My .002 is save up or wait for a P15 special…

The P3 is the perfect companion for improving system performance and ensuring a safe environment for you Hi-Fi system. Providing 300 watts of continuous power output and peaks of 1000 watts, the P3 is just right for source gear or an entire systems running small to medium class AB amps or larger high-efficiency Class D amps like the Stellar M700 monoblocks. The P3 will bring forth all that’s possible from your HiFi system, ensuring you get the same great performance every time you listen.

Best wishes on your journey

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Eeh, the A21+ can really eat a lot of juice. I’ve talked with folks with other Parasound units being plugged in and they can really chew through the current. You could certainly plug it through the filtered zone, but I much prefer to have the amps fed with regenerated power.

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I expect the A21+ will be too much for the P3 unless its the only thing plugged into it.

My P3 was schizophrenic (sometimes it struggled, sometimes it did not) with two our three sources AND a plasma TV plugged into it. The TV often proved too much of a draw for the P3 and would either cause the “maxed out” LED to flash or the unit to enter protection mode.


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Thanks for the info/insights. I figured it wasn’t up to the task. Unfort, a P15 is about the cost of my entire system…so I’ll have to pass for now. Really not a huge issue as my system sounds very good as is. Do not want to try any power conditioners. I’ll keep my eyes out for used regens.

The only way to “fly”, IMO.

My former A21 ran well from my former P12…

You could consider a P12 for now and still have
the benefits of regen power…

Best wishes in your journey

How about a used PerfectWave P5? There’s one on USAudioMart for $1400 but might have to add shipping (no affiliation). Still, great deal and may be able to satisfy your needs.
I recently picked up a used PerfectWave P3 and I love it.
They are still serviceable by PS Audio too, if need be.

I have mono blocks each rated at 300W power draw. My P3 never went into protective mode, but it had a constant red led indicating it was over the 300W for the P3. However, it can handle peaks of 1000W. Right now, I’m using the amps in the high current outlets.

Yeah, the P5 won’t break a sweat with the 1200s. The P5 can handle the same as the P12 which is more than double what the P3 can handle.


But if you can get a used P12…that would be far and away
better than a P5 given all the upgrades the P12 has over the

I did go from a P5 to P12 before getting my P15. The
delta between the P12 and P5 is huge…well worth

Best wishes

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