Stellar S300 amp - connecting subwoofer

So, I’m assuming since the S300 has 2 sets of speaker binding posts that I can run one set to my main speakers and the 2nd set to a sub with high level input concurrently?

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Thanks, I know how to search but I posted this in ‘Ask the Experts’ for a reason, i.e. to make sure I understood correctly.

The short answer is yes you can. I have m700’s and a single sub that has 2 sets of high level (speaker) inputs and have both of the m700’s connected via the amps 2nd set of speaker terminals. You can also piggyback on the same amp terminals if you don’t have a 2nd set of speaker outputs.

I have a somewhat related question…

Since I have two JL Audio e110 subwoofers, I’ll be running them via high level speaker inputs from my M700’s when I get the second high level plug in, would I “jumper” the left and right channel inputs on each speaker level plug together in parallel or only use just one input channel on the plug? Does that make sense?

The reason I ask is because it doesn’t mention this in the manual. It only mentions running a stereo signal into the high level plug. The input impedance is 4.3k ohms. I’m assuming this would drop down to something like 2.15k ohms to each amp if I wired them the way I am thinking.

I figured it would better to post this here rather than make a similar thread.

Many thanks in advance!

Yes, that works great and is exactly the right thing to do. The only caution is the output of the amp is balanced so make sure that works alright with the subwoofer’s high level input. For example, if you’re using REL then you have to take a few extra steps
so you don’t ground the output of the Stellar amplifier.

@Chops Left speaker output from the amp + & - would hook to Channel 1 (or channel 2) + & - on the sub. The Right channel output from the amp would hook to the other open channel on the sub. Do not hook left and right channels together at the sub. Hope this makes sense.

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Incorporating Jl Audio sub into a Stellar system can be a “buzz kill”. I have an all Stellar rack in my office system with one JL Audio e110 sub. Connecting the sub via RCA interconnects to GSdac or DSjr produces a buzz/hum in both speakers. No remedies have worked, ie lifting ground, use of Dectet, running extension cord to other side of house, etc. If I use XLR from preamp to M700’s and RCA to sub the buzz/hum is gone but I loose the use of the crossover in the sub.Since I think the crossover in the sub degrades the SQ so I will go back to the XLR connection and run the left/right speakers full frequency .

Must be an issue with the JL audio sub. I have a Tekton 12" sub and it is dead quiet (along with the mains) - but connected by speaker level not RCA. The xover in the sub works with either input. Might make the difference?

I’m not sure you understand what I’m asking.

I have M700 monoblock amps. I will be running one amp to one sub. The sub has L & R high level inputs. Do I run just one of the inputs (either L or R) on each sub, or do I run the speaker cable from the amp to say the L high level input, then jumper over from the L input to the R input in parallel or even series to utilize both inputs on each sub?

Then Paul mentions this…

I wish that Paul had commented on my situation as well as I am still unsure.

@jgiese - I don’t have any hum issues at all, or any noise for that matter. My system is completely silent. I’m running the balanced outs from the SGCD to the M700’s, and the unbalanced outs from the SGCD to the subs.

I did misunderstand. You only need to hook the speaker leads to one of the high level inputs on each sub. Left channel to left sub, Right channel to right sub. I don’t think it matters which set of inputs on the sub, Still no jumpers needed.

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Well that’s what you guys said about me running Y-adapters to the RCA inputs on these subs, saying they weren’t needed and that I only needed to feed one channel on each sub. I removed the Y-adapters and tried only using one input channel per sub. In short, it sucked.

The subs lost their definition, detail, punch, dynamics. They became mushy and lifeless. And that was even after days of trying to dial them in. In the end (about a week ago), I reinstalled the Y-adapters on the back of each sub to utilize both inputs, readjusted them back to the way I had them, and now they sound great again.

So hence my question above about how to connect these subs with the high level inputs.

Call JL and ask them but I think one high level input to each sub will get it done. What does the user manual say?

I sent an email to someone at JL that I’ve been dealing with lately. The manual only mentions connecting both channels via a stereo amp.

I agree with Baldy that you should only need to hook up the one high level input - i.e., left channel to left sub, right to right. No jumpers needed.

As you pointed out, though, things aren’t always clear cut when it comes to audio gear. Sometimes the ‘correct’ or intuitive option just doesn’t sound as good as the alternatives.

If you find that something other than the ‘correct’ option works best, I (and I’m sure others) would love to hear about it.

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They must assume you are only using a single mono sub not stereo subs.

I would think you would still want one channel going to sub input 1 and the other going to sub input 2 but I don’t think the sub actually cares. More of my ADD showing up to the party.

This is very true. More than one way to skin a… Well, you know how the rest of that goes. I don’t like that saying because I love and have cats. :yum:

Hopefully that speaker plug will show up before the weekend. I would like to try it out and give it a good listen over the weekend. Plus, I wonder if I will hear any improvements from listening to the system fully balanced vs using both balanced and unbalanced outputs. Some people say that using both defeats the purpose and makes the balanced outputs more or less unbalanced.

Hopefully you get them connected and can listen over the weekend by then you will know what sounds best with that particular setup.

Maybe it’s time to update the saying - I would propose “there’s more than one way to pet a cat.”

PETA has suggested changing animal idioms. Another is “Feed two birds with one scone.”