Stellar S300 - Power Cords

Typically, current sucking A and A/B amplifiers need fat gauge power cords.
But, the efficient D class Stellar S300?
Would an average wire gauge be enough with nearfield listening?

14 AWG quality power cord?

It’s not as simple as power consumption. Case in point, Dacs can be highly responsive to power cords.

Ps audio AC3 is a good starter cord.


I’ve found that Class D amps whether it be Nuprime, NCore or IcePower based amps to be highly sensitive to power cord changes. Just as much so as DAC’s.

Any you found worked for you personally?

I am not looking forward to collecting different power cords because they are too expensive.


The best of the bunch that I tried was the Triode Wire Labs Digital American and if you are patient you may find one used. Next best was a Neotech NEP-3002.

From what I read so far online the Triode Wire Labs Digital American is a digital specific design. And, good reviews. Thanks.

These are good and reasonable cables.

Thanks Watch Dog…

I need cables that will benefit Digital equipment like DAC’s and Class D amps. Those look very good for analog equipment.