Strata and NAS playback

Hi – will the Strata playback files from a NAS or a USB source? If it is NAS capable, is that done thru a PS audio app or a upnp player? Thanks. – David

Yes, the Strata can play files from a USB source and from your NAS. You’ll need to setup the NAS for DLNA playback, and then the Strata’s Bridge will be able to see the files on the NAS.

Thanks Jamesh. When you refer to the USB input, I presume that entails having a server for storage/playback, and using the Strata as basically a usb DAC. Or am I missing something? Thanks. – David

That’s exactly right. A server with a USB output would work or I think what is more common is for folks to use a computer to output a USB signal. This is what I do.

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Cool, thanks…by server I meant any piece of hardware that does the trick… mac laptop, Auralic, BlueOS…etc., etc. And it looks like the Octave will join the field at some point. A greatly expanding category.

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