Streamer Ratings with bridge1 as Reference

This topic is ment to see how users rate their streamer or source equipment in comparison with the best result they had with PS Audio Bridge1

The ratings scale is from 0 to 100 lets set the reference Bridge1 using Nass (Qnap T212) and cat6 cabling (Rated on 40).

The tests I did were with several ethernet cables Cat5,Cat6, Audioquest carbon Cat7

USB several brandless and AudioQuest Coffee

The I2S cables I tested several brandless, Monster, Kimber, Pink Faun, PS audio

The software that is used Elyric Manager, Amara, Jriver and a few others

Here’s how I would rate the sources I have tested. Some are how I have them in mind, because not everything is tested at the same time.

HP Mini laptop with Intel celeron processor 4GB Ram (bridge1 short cabling (rated at 45))

Sony 18,4Inch laptop Intel T8400 dual core processor 4 GB Ram used with bridge (bridge1 short cabling (rated at 50))

HP laptop 15,6Inch AMD forgot the specifications used with bridge (bridge1 short cabling (rated at 45))

Asus N53SV i7 2630QM Processor 16GB SDram used with bridge (bridge1 short cabling (rated at 55))

Mac mini Server 2012 I7 processor used with bridge (bridge1 short cabling (rated at 58))

HP Probook 6570B I5 processor used with bridge (bridge1 short cabling (rated at 50))

Desktop PC Asus Z87 deluxe fanless powersupply seasonic (intel core i7-4770 3.4Ghz, 8MB S1150) silent fan and 16GB DDR3. Used with Pink Faun I2S bridge (I2S Pink Faun cabling (rated at 76))

NAD M50 streamer used with Toslink (Toslink (Rated at 75))

Pink Faun audio streamer intel Atom processor linear powersupply and passive cooler used with Pink Faun I2S bridge (I2S Pink Faun (Rated at 78))

Pink Faun AV-streamer AMD processor 3,7 Ghz linear powersupply and passive cooler used with Pink Faun I2S bridge (I2S Pink Faun (Rated at 90)) Normal Settings for voltage and processor speed

Pink Faun AV-streamer AMD processor 3,7 Ghz linear powersupply and passive cooler used with Pink Faun I2S bridge (I2S Pink Faun (Rated at 96)) Custom Settings for voltage and processor speed

Equipment not heard in my own system, but compared with a few of my sources

PS Audio PWT (I2S Pink Faun (Rated at 76))

PS Audio Beta bridgeII (Ethernet (Rated at 85))

Hope to see your ratings!!!

Wow! I don’t have nearly the range of devices to compare. All I know is that my Mom singing in church was a 100.laugh

Ha ha! Nothing can beat that.

I do not have all the devices in my possession these day’s. Most are sold or retired. I started with the Nass in 2010 (still have the Nass) connected with a cat5e network to my PWD mark 1. The sound was pretty bad when one would compare it with the latest streaming solutions. From 2010 I listened and learned almost every day. It was fun to improve the sound almost every week (every week better sound) Another ethernet cable, another switch, computer, elyric music manager version, firmware, software, music format, etc, etc. The backside of this all was that I always found there was something wrong with my system (big or small) from the moment I started to stream music.

I guess I’m far more excited to improve SQ on digital source (streamer) side than the average listeners. In many occasions it was hard to convince others what I heard, for example the differences with ethernet cabling literally took years of discussion. Not trying to tell I was always right, but it is always black or white with me.

With the latest AV-Steamer I have the feeling i’m on the end of the road or at least very close to it. (The sound is in a certain balance, nothing seems wrong anymore)

I look forward for an audition with the PS-audio bridgeII in combination with the AV-Streamer and just a single high grade short ethernet cable between the two. No network just a single connection.

Without the great source streamer, my system is just an average system, but with the streamer and a few things that are important. Internal solid states, wav library, high grade I2S, Bios settings, Fidelizer Pro this system is just great!

I appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to share your methods a great deal. You are the first to confirm my assertion that dropping the CPU voltage can provide some sonic goodness. I’m not sure that it will work on every server but I sure had great results.

@wijnand thank you for sharing!

Do you have any opinions on Auralic’s Aries with DirectStream?

Mine impression is that it’s very close to the Bridge 1 , however not 100% there (I’m using JCAT Reference USB Cable) even with using SSD connected to Aries with it’s Lightning server, but it’s close… There are also big SQ changes between Aries firmware releases (which are automatic and one cannot control them without using own firewall).

I’m having Ethernet-Optical media convertor ordered and looking forward to hear what improvement (hopefully) I can get isolating the Bridge (or Aries) from the LAN network noise…

Hi Maniac,

I never tested the Auralic’s Aries, because I already went another way. I know somebody who had one (with linear powersupply). He sold it after some comparisons. I’m not exactly sure how he would rate it. I will ask and will let you know.

Are you using the USB 2.0 ports of you Auralic’s Aries to connect your SSD’s? If so I would recommend to compare it with your ethernet input. Music libraries connected with USB2.0 is a real problem for the SQ.

I would put the Aries on the same powerline as your DS and your networkswitch use short ethernet cat6 cabling between your equipment. You can use a filter like the Noise Harvester to clean up the little noise your switch causes, but you can also try without the harvester. The ethernet cabling to your music library is the least important (off course it still is an important connection as well, but the least important one) one so this one may lead to libraries on other powerlines. I think this will be the best setup you will find, but i’m very curious about your findings with the optical ethernet converter.