Streaming SQ?

Neat. Literally.

Well done.

I dig the slots in the shelf for cable management!

Just to be clear, you placed your DIY gizmo inside the repurposed Netgear box and the previous picture was the Netgear box with the top off – correct?

Thanks again.

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Have you done any comparative listening with the PinkFaun LAN Isolator plugged into the DAC instead of the network switch?

Curiously yours,

Yes indeed. The netgear box is the DIY gizmo :-). the front is closed with copper tape.


Yes I have tested that, but it’s actually for another purpose there. The audio system is on an Audes transformer. So it has another ground. I have used the Pink Faun isolator in that position to make sure the ground systems are not connected.

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Hi Wijnand,

Is it just me or are wires missing?
blue white/blue - brown white/brown

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I think you’re counting is perfectly correct :slight_smile: Good point!
I only have connected the RX and TX pair. This is enough for 100mbit and also more than enough for an audio stream.


Yeah that’s for “Fast Ethernet” 100 Mb/s only I would say - if used on gigabit ports they would probably just drop back to 100 Mb/s speeds.

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Recently I replaced the IFI Ipower X PS for my Orbi satellite with a better PS called IFI Ipower Elite. I remember Ipower X made some improvement, but well Elite improve SQ more?

It is a resounding yes, and I was quite surprised by how much more it improves over X. The streaming SQ really improved a few days after installation. This particular SPS was recommended by my previous streamer manufactory over LPS that costed many times more.

But to really brings it to the next level, unfortunately, you need to use an excellent power cord to pair with it. The PC I am using has improved SQ as much as the PS itself, if not more. :roll_eyes:


Recently got the Taiko Audio Extreme music server/streamer.
Engineering and craftsmanship to the extreme for sure!

Ed with Taiko Audio in Paris, remotely installed the newest XDMS Alpha software for my Extreme.
He also remotely checked all my software settings to make sure everything is tweaked to my EMM Labs DV2 DA/Preamp.

Have to say XDMS is better than Roon audibly - My system has never sounded this refined and 3Dimensional!

Only caveat is that I need a new iPad to accept the new remote software - Mine is probably 10 years old!


As someone who has gone from Vinyl to Digital years ago, I do miss handling/cleaning of my records, the smell, the sleeves, and especially the airy, light and spacious sound of vinyl played on a decent equipment. But, sonically speaking, the sound quality of vinyl has more to do with mastering than the medium itself. If I still had a collection of old jazz and vocal classics from 60s, 70s in vinyls, no questions I’d hold onto them and pass them down to my children/grand children. If you compare the contemporary music in different medium, the difference is marginal at best. In fact, I have hard time telling the difference between streaming and vinyls for any modern music. I’ve thought of adding a turn table and a nice phono stage to my BHK Pre, but to truly enjoy that platform, I will have to hunt down old records in good pressings and shape. I do regret getting rid of most of my vinyls. So if you have a good collection, never get rid of them.


Sold my Linn Sondek LP12 and a sizable record collection years ago. Dummest thing I’ve ever done, I think.


Also for @msimanyi - I did not stop reading.

Not only that… brace yourselves.
My “system” is a “stock” 5.1 AVR receiver with a built in DAC.
And when I play music, streamed or NAS, I use the “multi-channel stereo” mode which utilizes all of the 5.1 speakers, for my listening pleasure.
No bespoke cables, conditioners or anything (don’t tell anyone, but my network cables are from a hardware store. Shh!).
I love it.
I know. Heresy.
But it’s okay. I listen in a flame retardant lounge suit.
Still need to come up with a defensive strategy if they come for me with pitchforks…

Could it be better? It can always be better. Ignorance is bliss?.

BTW. I am not looking for a "good for you: pat on my back.
I know this is a forum hosted by an audiophile hardware company.
I know the tech and specs can definitely be part of the fun.
Just wanting to point out that although the grass may, in fact, be greener, and new and shiny is really better, aspire, and aim high, yes, but enjoy what you have.
No need to apologize.


I am just thinking of the money I could have saved if I followed your example! I could retire!
(Oh wait, I did that in January 2003)

Never mind then!


To be fair, keep in mind that flame retardant lounge suits do put a bit of a dent in the overall budget…


There is a path to recovery. Informed with your experience it shouldn’t be too difficult. There are some fine reissues hitting the market assuming you are into jazz.


Sounds like I might be in an Audio Rehabilitation Program.:wink: I am ok with picking a lane, a digital front end instead of an analog one. I have learned, and continue to realize, that I can serve, and afford, only one master at the resolution level I want to be at.


I am following your footsteps. I got FR-30 speakers after seeing Paul and Chris setting up yours at home, and I thought one of them may set up mine (no, not happening and I screwed up on the white-glove service too).

Now I just put in the order for a Grimm MU2 w/ 8TB storage. The idea is that I will not be looking for another streamer until I exhaust the storage, but I am already halfway there. :thinking: My last “endgame” streamer was a Lumin U2. I just checked the purchase date on that, and it was June 12, 2023. Well, at least it lasted 1 day over one year. :laughing:

I will tell you if MU2 would sound better than Lumin U2 in a few weeks (delay in production). Some said MU2 is good enough by itself without filters and switches in front. So far in my system the streamer, switches, filter, and cables plus power cords all made obvious SQ improvement.

I will be selling Lumin U2 soon if anyone is interested, alone with BHK pre. Both are silver color.


I don’t know if “following in my footsteps” is an acknowledgment of maybe some good audio choices or more an admission of an audio junkie :grinning:. I sort of fell into the MU2. I wanted to seriously upgrade my streaming ( beyond the meager but capable Eversolo A6) and see if I could get even more out of the next thing in the chain, the DAC. That the MU2 is an excellent streamer,
Roon endpoint, FPGA DAC, and preamp, is a pleasant surprise for me. In short, I gambled (did not listen to it) and won.
Had Ted indicated that the TSS was a near reality, I would have stayed fully in the PSA fold. The idea of a combo also ran contrary to my belief that only separates can give you the best, and this probably holds true in the upper, upper echelon.
I would turn this audio path back on you and say that it was you, and a couple others, that convinced me that with the right streamer, cables and switches, you can match physical media.
I am still not fully on board with that but I believe I just have to try more things, maybe. The key is to enjoy the journey.
Now, where’s my damn Dragon XLR I ordered so I don’t have to hear anymore about this Stealth nonsense :upside_down_face:.


This :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

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You made a wise decision in acquiring MU2 since most believe it’s an endgame streamer. MU2 will be my third streamer in three years.:laughing: I like the fact it includes an excellent DAC and an analog pre too. Just thinking about the fewer cables and power cords made me happy.

Aren’t you using Iconoclast UPOCC xlr now? It will be interesting to know your thoughts on Dragon xlr too, in addition to Luca’s review a while ago.

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