Strictly Jazz Sounds

Heads up, as this Craft reissue series is limited to 500 copies. I’ll pass on this one yellow vinyl and not John’s strongest performances.

Looks better in Gray, but would have preferred Black.

Charlie Haden with Paul Bley and Paul Motian “Montreal Tapes” Verve cd

So dynamic from soft to louder is this wonderful recording I had to turn off the fan. . . it’s hot up here but this music makes it seem worth it.


The Montreal Tapes are quite engaging. Charlie Haden did some nice recordings with Lee Konitz and Brad Mehldau.


I just AB’ed this with the DSD 64 download only that MPS released a few years ago.

The DSD downloads were better.

I realise you are a disc only person Lon.

Yes, I don’t do any downloads, I’m all disc. the 2016 cd sounds completely awful. Compressed like one of those clear plastic storage things you use a vacuum to suck the air out of. This one is better. I may try the 1989 cd one day if I see one cheap enough. I like the music.

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Kurt Rosenwinkel “Deep Song”

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I haven’t heard this, but I will when it arrives. Thanks as always for the education, Lon.
Kurt is one of the more creative musicians out there.

Yes I need to get more of his leader dates myself, I have him mostly as a sideman.

I really like his playing. . . but I don’t always enjoy that sort of “delay” sound he uses. I like my jazz guitar (and my blues guitar) clean of effects. Don’t know why, I just do. Over the years I went from an “effects” guy to a “guitar and amp” guy. Maybe it was a spell dedicated to just playing bass that did that for me.

Finally, the full concert from January 19, 1974! (Streaming it now on Tidal.)

2CD Track Listing:

CD 1

1.Introduction 3:11

2.Peggy’s Blue Skylight 11:54*

3.Celia 22:54*

4.Fables Of Faubus 20:51*


1.Big Alice 18:39*

2.Perdido 22:32

3.C Jam Blues 24:41

*= previously unreleased.


Can’t wait!

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I have the vinyl, 1972 MPS reissue. It has been quite some time since I listened to it, so no comment. Yet to hear a digital version, and seems no loss regarding CD from what Lonson indicates.


Aha, great set, nice to learn it is available in an expanded CD version. It has been added to my Tidal queue for a follow-up listen. Personally, I can never get too much Mingus. Thanks for sharing.



Greg Ward with Mike Reed at Chicago’s Hungry Brain planned for tonight. Should be a good night. Rogue Parade is worth a listen as well.


Hot off the delivery van!

Charles Mingus “Mingus at Carnegie Hall (Complete)” disc 1

Sounds great! So glad it arrived in time for me to listen before Lucinda comes home from work!


Guess you ain’t a fan of Bill Frisell

No, not really.

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Lon, I’m with you on the downloads. I’ve got a crate of LPs, mostly jazz, and lots of CDs, also mostly jazz. My wife is willing to invest in anything I want for streaming if I get rid of the CDs and LPs and don’t buy any more of them. Maybe I’m just old, or maybe it’s because I side hustle a record shop, but I just don’t feel streaming or downloads. She’s still trying to change my mind.

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