Strictly Jazz Sounds

I feel for you. I have a huge storage problem, and my wife is trying to get me to downsize. I did get rid of over a thousand discs in the last 12 months or so, but still have more coming in and removing that many was a drop in the bucket. Luckily my wife hasn’t realized the advantage of streaming in this regards and I’m free from that pressure of her pushing streaming on me!

I do know I need to work harder at divesting myself of all the thousands of discs I know I really can’t justify having and don’t want to burden her and others to dispose of. In the meantime I love my collection!


Charles Mingus “Mingus at Carnegie Hall (Complete)” disc 2


Can someone recommend a top quality Colossus cd? Professor Lon?

I myself am not really familiar with the work of that band. . . .

Sorry-----lack of sleep---------I left out Sonny Rollins’ name. Sonny’s “Colossus” album----

Ah, okay that makes more sense.

I mainly listen to “Saxophone Collossus” on the Complete Prestige Recordings of Sonny Rollins box set. . . that’s where I get my Prestige era Rollins kicks, I usually spin one or two discs from that set at a time.

I have read elsewhere that the Analogue Productions hybrid SACD is the digital one to beat–I haven’t heard it. The original OJC cd is pretty decent sounding.

I do have the Japanese Blu-ray disc from 2015 and it sounds wonderful–but I can’t play it on my DMP (won’t read it) and though it does sound great on my Oppo UDP-205 I don’t listen to music on disc as often there (mainly serves as a video based system, and I often listen to the Spectrum jazz channel as well) and I haven’t heard it in a while. Should correct that.

Anyway the SACD may be the best choice if you want to search and spend. And I suspect that the 2015 SHM-CD from Japan sounds excellent as all those that I have picked up in that series do–but I haven’t heard this one in that series.


Thank you Lon. As usual, a complete answer!

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Charlie Haden “The Montreal Tapes–Gonzalo Rubalcado” Verve cd

All these Montreal Tape releases are excellent. I may have to buy the Henderson one again–I can’t seem to locate my copy. This piano trio is perhaps my favorite of the three piano trio releases in the series. . . but then I suspect I think that of each of the three when I play them. They are all excellent.


Wonderful singer who had a tragic end. Linda Fennimore, a jazz violinist who lived in Ms. McCorkle’s building and accompanied her on her walks, said, ''One of the last things she said to me was, ‘I can’t seem to pull out of this one.’ ‘’ She didn’t, On May 19, 2001 she leapt off the balcony of her apartment at the ago of 55.



Did anyone pick up the Thelonious Monk at Palo Alto custodian mix LP for Record Store Day? Just curious how it sounds.


As a Canadian, when “Audiophiles” say no Diana Krall at one of our events or at mine or their homes, I just smile. Offended…no…“wanna punch 'em in the head”…yes. :sweat_smile:

But America, you can keep Beiber and Drake but Nickel back is still ours :rofl:.


This 1968 Live recording is supposedly among Monk’s better ones. I was intending to get this LP from Presto Music online store for $29.50


:+1:t2: I just ordered John Scofield & Pat Metheny - I Can See Your House From Here 2LP (Blue Note Tone Poet Series)

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Thanks for the reminder. I ordered Lee Konitz, Charlie Haden & Brad Mehldau - Alone Together 2LP (Blue Note)


But you live in AZ, right?

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I do have this one on both CD and LP. Highly recommended especially for fans of Monk. Stellar hifi to show case your system from this recording, absolutely not. Preferring earlier Monk, the Blue Notes and Prestige series, I do find this to be a strong latter effort. I too am curious as to the differences between the initial release and the 2021 RSD release as well. My assumption has been the latter may be a more raw mix, yet to be proven.

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I picked up the CD when initially released and snatched the LP set up release. I think this is one you may enjoy over the long haul.

I have the initial release as hires and now ordered the RSD vinyl. Please keep us posted what you hear comparing both vinyls. I guess it’s not necessary for me to get the initial vinyl afterwards :wink: