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Keith Jarrett Trio “Standards Vol. 2” ECM SHM-SACD

Sounds best on my system with the “phase” reversed.


Are these Standards Live SACD’s from 2017 or are there newer versions?

Released last month in Japan, Standards Vol. 1, Standards Vol. 2 and The Koln Concert.

Thanks. Looked them up they use the same DSD masters as the 2017 ones but these are on SHM vs the regular SACD’s I have.

I hate when they do this - may need to get another set.

I’d hang with the earlier ones (Tower Records?) in your shoes.

Right now
Kenny Burrell “Blue Lights Vol. 1” Blue Note Universal Japan 2021 SHM-CD


Thks. Yes, Tower. Think I will. I would rather get Blue Lights as I only have the Doubletime twofer CD. I think those were super bit mapping from those days. I am guessing the SHM CD sounds a lot better.

Interestingly I listened to the 2 cd set recently and there are definitely differences but they both sound quite good on my system. In general I find that I enjoy earlier cd pressings more than I ever have before within the current playback configuration I have now. The ones I’d like to have without spending a lot on are the two LP facsimile Japanese “24Bit by RVG” cd editions. I collect those and I have heard these and like the sound.

I have seen you list some of the duplicates of this series you had on Organissimo.

Good to hear they are consistently good. I never can tell with JRVG’s I have had some that sounded really good, some average and some pretty lousy so it’s hard to take a punt without prior intel.

Let me just say I have learned to like the bulk of the series, as with my system I can do some useful tonal and “speed and density” shifts with the sound and I think I “get” what RVG was going for with the worst of them, which helps me enjoy them. I will say I consider them consistently more “exciting” sounding than “misfires.” And I just like the look and feel of the series. . . that seems to get cooler as you have more on the shelf. (Ha, collector’s rationalization at play!)

Looking for comments and experience with this set. Looks intriguing.

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Thank-you that would be most helpful.

It’s a cool set, I’ve lived with this music on other releases for decades. At least some of it sounds a bit better elsewhere, but the sound is very good, original mono recordings are quite nicely done.

Kenny Burrell “Ode to 52nd Street” Cadet/Universal Japan cd

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Listened to the Bill Evans / Behind the Dikes

High quality, highly recommended OUT OF PRINT vinyl - #100 by jazznut

From what I can tell it includes Jimmy Cobb, Paul Chambers, John Coltrane or Sonny Stitt and Wynton Kelly. The recordings are from the Olympia Theater, Paris March 21, 1960 with Coltrane and October 11, 1960. The set was released on CD in 2014. Seems like this is the group that travelled to Europe whereupon John Coltrane left Miles and moved on in his musical search. I have found copes in the USA similarly priced. Was hoping some one could comment on the quality of the performance and CD reissue.

I concur having just finished the first two of three records. I guess it is fair to say I can never have too much Bill Evans. It is a strong set with fine dynamics, kick drum was slightly punchy and forward. Typically it is lost in the mix from live dates of this era. No complaints.

It is listed on Discogs for $125 on up, ridiculous. There was a spare copy at MADCITY Music in Madison, Wis. Might be worth a call for anyone in the states who wants a copy. Ask for Dave.

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I agree with the kick drum matter.

Nice review here by @jazznut: