Strictly Jazz Sounds

@jazznut had posted this and I thought it worth repeating, mine is on order:

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I was enjoy listening to good improv with the playing transcribed, replete with the changes. Great fun.

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Moving on to some later Parker.

Sold out. Though at $99 for a single LP I think it’s more than I’d consider paying.

Interesting as they accepted my order, I’d better swing back and ensure it is available. I agree $99 is rather steep for Lush Life or any other LP. Just confirmed, so I’m thinking I got one of the last of 1,000. Thanks again for the recommendation.

I read that Rudy Van Gelder cited the session that “Lush Life” was recorded as his favorite recording session.

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I just hope that they don’t deliver multiple orders to those who want to make some money with rare releases.


Wow, I did just slip under the wire. Thank-you! :blush:
I agree, one per customer would be fair. Did you get a copy?

A fantastic hard bop set, Soul Station. one of if not the best from tenor sax player Hank Mobley. This version a re-issue on Music Matters vinyl.
Hank Mobley tenor saxophone
Wynton Kelly piano
Paul Chambers
Art Blakey drums

A core entry in any jazz collection.


Yes, got one…1000 for the world in vinyl hip times is not a lot … was easier the decades before :wink: Those AAA releases since the beginning of Acoustic Sounds and others are like a master tape collection compared to the digital releases. I just sit in front of o a Stan Getz one…before that I compared a Classic Records Zoot Sims to its DAD sibling, just made perfectly from the same tape by the same Bernie Grundman/Classic Records mastering to 24/96 …no chance…don’t know where so much gets lost. But he told so in Paul’s interview with him.

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Assuming you are a BN fan, the Kevin Gray masters on Tone Poet and Music Matters are pretty strong. There are only a handful of Tone Poets I do not have, passed up on Cassandra Wilson, and Elvin Jones. A few clinkers in there and a handful of bad pressings, warps, off center and noisy surfaces. For the most part the Tone Poets are winners, 3 Tone Poets are about the price of one Music Matters here in the “states”,

Yeah, the Tone Poets are great. I have all of the various audiophile releases or partly originals I wanted/needed since the 70‘s/80‘s, where of interest also doubles or kept the best. The records are the real treasure, the equipment is just there to play them :wink:

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Music is always first in this house, the equipment is merely a means to an end.

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